My Dearest Angel:


        The Sun hit my face between clouds passing and it made me think of you. How in the midst of a storm and through the mist of the rain, you came into my life. Before you I knew much but after you grew wise. I will always love you for the way you introduced the true nature of love to me. You are more than what I was asking for. What I was asking for did not have the depth of what I needed from another human being. But the fella who was asking was unaware of himself, his needs and his value. True to form of course, God gave me what I needed and not what I asked for. I look at the growth in my spirit in the months that have passed since the day we met. I marvel at how much my outer self finally matches my core self. In a word I speak of “oneness” Oneness with the divine, oneness within my own holy trinity and oneness with you. Thank you for being you.


Love, light and flight.