Oh.. You Can’t Speak?



Suit yourself. You may not have any words for me but I’ve got plenty of words for you/

However/ no matter how clever/ I proceed with this endeavor/ I will do my best to come from a spiritual space before I do/

Numero uno/ to me life/ is quite like/ Spanish rice/ & it is your God given right/ to season & conduct your life/ with the type/ of spice you like/

So if YOU should make the perplexing choice/ to look me dead in the face, recognize me & NOT use your voice/ just know that I am currently in a  space, where that sort of thing makes me secretly rejoice/

Why you ask? because finding like minded thinkers is a difficult task/ so I love when the insincere makes the search easier by showing me who they really are behind the mask/

Numero Dos/ I have no desire to be close/ with those who treat the living as if they’ve seen a ghost/

Not to mention, many folks/ who chose to be rude are often engrossed/ in a abstract way of thinking that this verse will diagnose/

Most/ see themselves as separate/ Yeas?

We all vibrate at different frequencies/ and give off different energies/ yet still we are all connected/ Yeas?

Well then if you respect it/ that will coincidentally brings us to numero tres/ cuatro/ cinco and seis/

Numero tres/ says that a closed fist can receive no blessing/

And that blessing can come from anywhere/ even the person you aren’t addressing/

Numero Cuatro/ the people you refuse to acknowledge may secretly want you to die slow/

Revenge is a dish best served cold/ Karma’s a bitch but you already know/ so lets us move forward/

Numero Cinco/ in New York we will often speak to a stranger/

The way we peep out your energy/ is to purposely engage ya/ and watch how you respond to see if we may be in danger/

That part of the game/ came/ straight out of the Hustler’z Code & it’s pretty clever/ Yeas?

Finally we’ve reached numero seis/

Those who cannot speak may feel that they’re just being careful/

To not show their teeth/ to everyone they meet/ but it is often the act of the fearful/

Peep the game/

It costs you nothing to show love and affection/

To those that look familiar who glance in your direction/

Were on the flip side if you choose to speak you stand everything to gain ~