Emotions denied after so many years/
Now comes back to life and leaves me with fear/
Fear of the power and the passion within/
Fear of my inability to contain them/
Who is this passion that awakens in me?/
A voice, emotions and beautiful memories/
Oh, it’s you… I remember, it’s you/
So long has my pen been silent/
Leaving blank pieces of paper that I hide behind/
No words written/
No thoughts spoken/
Who is this person that adds fire to my small flame?/
By sharing emotions or saying my name/
Oh, it’s you… I remember, it’s you/
Even through silence my love remained/
Just waiting for a time for it to be unrestrained/
The silence is over, there’s no need to fear/
My voice shouts out as our hearts draw near/
Who is this passion, I’ve loved from the start?/
The one who unknowingly opened my heart/
Oh, it’s you… I remember, it’s you/ 
Black Butterfly.
Footnote: I have been asked time and time again about the courage it takes to put yourself out there in verse. It takes guts, balls and a dash of insanity. The battle to express yourself outwardly, ironically is fought internally. So I view this poem as a victory. It was sent to me by a poet who has no desire to have her own blog, book or bookings for shows. It was sent to me anonymously asking me to share. How could I not do exactly that in the face of such bravery?