Some pick a right time/ to be in the wrong place/

Some will tell a big crooked lie/ with a straight face/

Some will get punched in the head/ and won’t fight back/

Other men will experience that / and pull out a strap/

Some women will act like they ain’t getting their backs blown/

Some will act childish/ with young “uns” that act grown/

Some will do the right thing/ with nobody watching/

Some believe the planet/ would be better without men/

Which makes me wonder what exactly would happen?/

And how it would play out in a world of all women?/

Some say I’m too old/ to be in the rap game/

Some are in jail pics/ because they had got framed/

Some carry guns they never shot/ but quick to pull it out/

Some start rumors about people they want you to doubt/

Some think going viral’s the end all/

Some say that pride is the greatest before the fall/

Some have long pinky nails/ we think is for the coke/

Some of us prevail/ after they took us for a joke/

Some say winning is better than losing/

I say it depends on what you lost/

When it’s real it don’t have to rhyme/

Some say all they date is 9s/ all they date is dimes/

Do what ya want/ just don’t interfere with mines/

Some never hit the gym/ but squeeze in pushups here and there/

Gyms will charge you fees/ but floors are free everywhere/

Some abuse authority/ and hide behind a plastic badge/

And a small minority/ end up in a plastic bag/

in the dirt/ back at work/ this cat’s been missing forever/

Some feel they’re clever/ when they really don’t know any better/

Some are gangsters in the studio/ some murder for the sport/

Cases always pending/ always in and out of court/

Some are lovers of the language/ some are similar to me/

Some are beyond comprehension/ and are killers lyrically/

Some are making moves/ motivated by the hunt/

Chasing all that they desire/ going hard for what they want/

Some are angels sent to us in the forms of regular folks/

Some live dangerous/ by giving the bear a poke/

Some believe in God/ others feel he doesn’t exist/

Some who believe will try to convince an atheist/

Some blossom early/ before they hit 22/

See them in their 40s/ like what the hell happened to you?/

Some live for drama/ and stand on the front lines/

Some don’t believe in karma/ till it finds them behind the blinds/

Some think they got it popping/ when a post gets likes/

But nobody’s checking for them in real life/

Some are pretty/ getting work done on their booty & titties/

Now they look crazy as hell/ seems to be such a pity/

We got rappers wearing dresses/ with a gun in a purse/

These are the children of the era I’m from/ so what’s worse?/

The fact that we taught em to prioritize money first/

Or how they disrespected OGs/ like Kool Herc/

Some are dope as can be/ without a record deal/

Put pen to paper/ put steaks in the freezer still/

  • GB


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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