No Trump Anytime

No Trump Anytime This is not your typical protest/ where the disenfranchised become stressed/ organize/ mobilize/ strategize and coalesce/

Build a platform/ then express/ their reasons for woe and unrest/ Citizen after citizen getting issues off their chest/ Only to have a warm intention turn into a hot mess/ where we have the 1st amendment right to peacefully protest/ yet citizens of all ages and colors are met with pepper spray and charged with resisting arrest/ I confess/

This is not your typical protest/ for this protest is designed to make America great again/ not make America hate again/ the rich always want more/ that’s why they always wage war/ the elite will occupy Wall Street/ the battlefield floor/ is occupied by the poor/ This poet and many others say no more/

If the political system has a disease/ then the spoken word will be its cure/ reminiscent of so many American poets that came before/ Poets wrote the constitution/ signed it into law/

Which means a poet is at the forefront of every revolution/ now that’s a not-so foregone conclusion/

Let’s talk solutions/

However we should identify the problem/

Before laying out ways on how to solve them/

So I chose to protest Donald Trump/

However “The Don” by himself only embodies the problem/

Bottom Line no President of any country/ on any planet/ in any reality/ was more powerful than the people they were elected to represent/

The Don and his peers know this well.. So I also am in protest of how we are manipulated emotionally to get our consent/

Slight of hand politics with tricks up both sleeves/

2 hands on the same body trying to get you to believe/

The left hand thinks the right is dumb? / the right hand thinks the left is a bum? / when the camera’s on they point middle fingers to each other? / yet when the camera’s off they twiddle thumbs? /

America are we the one’s? /

The one’s who didn’t protest when Wall Street didn’t get indicted? /

The one’s who watch children get shot/ argue semantics and become divided? /

The one’s who don’t trust corporations at all/ but base life decisions exclusively on information provided by them? /

News flash! / all media is owned by 6 cooperations/

That and the banking system are the true rulers of this nation/

The solution is revolution/ but since fear has had such a huge impact/ I don’t truly believe y’all ready for that/

So I’ll settle for a contribution/ pay attention like you pay your tax/ Hold your leaders accountable/ and know what you’re talking about before you state it as fact

Do not go gentle!… Poets strike against Trump on Jan. 15 http://thevillager.com/2017/01/06/do-not-go-gentle-poets-strike-against-trump-on-jan-15/.

Poets Against Trump – Blk Grrrl Book Fair Newark, NJ http://www.100tpcmedia.org/100TPC2012/events/poets-against-trump-blk-grrrl-book-fair/.


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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