Mysterious Girl/ Just as fine as she can be/
And she’s headed right for me/
Curious Girl/ I wonder why you chose me/
What is our destiny?
I know I should live for the moment and enjoy the journey/
However this girl’s energy is doing something to me/
Making me feel like in a past life/
We knew each other very well/
Perhaps she was my wife/
Or perhaps someone trife/
Or perhaps someone nice/
Or someone with a knife/ rolling dice/ with my life/
Perhaps she kept me calm/
When she was on my arm/
Perhaps her sex was bomb/
The kind that makes you strong/
ger… than you were with any other chick/
Kind of Woman that will ask if “can you handle it”
Or perhaps she’s a Unicorn personified/
The kind you never catch/
No matter how you try/
Perhaps she broke your heart/
Perhaps she told a lie/
Perhaps she gave you dark thoughts filled with suicide/
Maybe she was loyal/
Maybe she fucked your friend/
Maybe she ran away never to be seen again ~
#StudioFlow #Brodomatics