Mule (noun) the offspring of a donkey and a horse (strictly, a male donkey and a female horse), typically sterile and used as a beast of burden..

A beast of burden was my perception of myself and we all know perception is reality/ or do we?/ I certainly didn’t know then what I know now/ that my mind was being programmed by programs that told lies through visions/ Some refer to television/ as tell-lie-vision/ we interrupt this program to tell you the truth/ someone figured out awhile ago that seeing was believing/ so they sit on soap boxes/ like clever foxes/ knowing that while you watch/ they’ll be washing your brain/ they won’t show you black love/ brown progress/ or tan success/ they’d rather repress/ colors of the prism/ using your mind as the prison/ again.. seeing is believing/ is it a wonder why you rarely see any shades that resemble coffee?/ mocha?/ hickory?/ wood/ caramel/ gingerbread or cinnamon?/ many men/ don’t wish death upon me/ they pray for me to have a weak mind and a strong spine/

However there’s a plan B,C and D/ in the event you don’t fall in line/ or better yet/ let’s say you rose above the fools/ rejected the rules/ and totally refused to take on the burden of the mule?/ they’d just say “cool”

Then they’d ask you to be a Monk/

Monk: (noun)

A member of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, arguably the most intelligent, eloquent and relevant leaders of our time/ could be a testament/ to this “Monk” predicament/ both came fairly close to living monk – like according to the definition/ both with the same mission/ racism’s abolition/ a single goal/ with a doubled vision/ one listened/ to those who supposed/ violence isn’t the answer/ Martin went that route and got taken out/ Malcom listened to those who grabbed a weapon by any means necessary/ and he got buried/
You may feel the Dalai Lama/ wouldn’t have that karma/ teaching love the pope himself is behind bullet proof glass so what does that tell you?/ It tells you that which you already know/ just like everyone wants to go to heaven/ but nobody wants to die/ many say “what would Jesus do?” as if love is in short supply/ also as if love is not who they really are/ unprepared to carry the cross/ wear the thorns/ or bare the scars/

“Plan “C” demands a sacrifice/ now isn’t that nice?

Martyr: (noun)
A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs.

I could see/ how easily/ it would be/ to reach a crossroads where one is reluctant to choose love as the path/ since Martin, Malcolm and Jesus of Nazareth all felt the wrath/ of those who chose fear/ and to be fair/ the greatest optimist/ has quite possibly experienced/ the illogical whims of someone sponsored by love’s opposite/

So if you wish to be an occupant/ of this 3rd dimension without the consequence/ of the mule, the monk or the martyr you may consider mastery.

Master (noun)
a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity/

Master (adjective)
having or showing very great skill or proficiency.

I am not here to tell you how to live/ what to experience/ or how/ however what I am prepared to give/ is a testimony that hopefully turns a bleak state of affairs into something positive/

Mastery in a spiritual context is being the highest version of yourself you can possibly be/ do your best to not perceive death as an end/ What happens next/ well I’ll guess we’ll see/ just keep one of my early lines in mind when I said: “your perception is your reality” so why not let your thoughts be free?

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