Extra, extra read all about it! /
Hot off the press you can read all about it! /
Strangers become friends/ friends become brothers/
Budding greatness becomes fear of potential/
Envy becomes failure to count a blessing/
High intelligence and low self esteem become an abuse of power/
A lack of options becomes frustration/
Frustration becomes a murder times two/
One homicide, one suicide…
To go inside/ the dark mind of the killer turn to page 27/
The other 26 are filled with ads straight from Heaven/
This publication is divine and void of the usual spin/
That exploits our ignorance/ nurtures our prejudice/ and boosts our vanity/
Let us begin…
The worst place to keep a gun is in the forefront of your wicked dreams/
Especially when all you want is for the pain to go away/
That is what the note said at the foot of the bed/
The sheets are soaked red, where a man lies dead/
The police kept asking how the hell this could be/
He kept his bills paid, has a college degree/
Wife’s a dime/ bless this house at the door/
We may have to investigate this a bit more/
Upon their investigation/ they found his wife/ and his work highly invested in a spiritual war against him/
They found his best friend dead with a broken wind pipe/
Forensics said it was death by strangulation/  
Fingerprints identified one who felt brutally betrayed/
The brutally betrayed… was me/
And though this is a fictional tale, it was almost my reality/
You may ask yourself; “How in the hell this could be?”
Flash backwards to 1993/
With God forgotten, into the woods I walk/
No machete/ no armor/ no compass and no ministry/
Repeatedly/ made to bleed/ by my enemy’s weaponry/
It was almost the death of me/ until I respectably/
Begged her for his forgiveness then I noticed her next to me/
She said “Son I was always by your side, you just happened not to notice me”
This story continues on page number 43/
Flash forward to the present day/
The truth of the matter is I premeditated the murder that never happened/
This time I noticed God before I walked in the woods/
“Love Thy Enemy” she said and I mocked her for saying it/
Simply because I couldn’t wrap my head around that concept/
So she broke it down in a language that I could understand/
She personified it in verse through a story told by my Pastor/
And I quote:
You take a rod of steel and the raw mineral is not that strong. So you put it in the fire burning 1200 degrees. As the steel gets hot you hit it and shape it. As the steel gets hot the impurities burn off. Everything which is not steel turns to ash besides the glowing red rocks a flame. You pull the steel from the fire and it is 3 times as strong as when it went in. Now it is a shield or a sword or whatever you desired it to be.
Does the sword hate the fire that made him; and if so does the shield?
“Love Thy Enemy” now makes sense to me.
Sincerely yours;
The publishers of the daily news which is called “God’s plan”
This is a performance piece…
See you at the show…