Love & Hate "Raye's Reflections" (Guest Blog)Raye’s Reflections:

Love and Hate

The fine line between what love and hate is always boggles my mind, one foot in and one foot out. What is the difference, are they one in the same, is love hate and is hate love; when I equate hate to fear then it tends to make sense, because hate stems from fear. Fear is something that is not real, it is made up by man, by the intellect and from influence from outside sources. Love comes from the heart, from within and from the divine senses which are gifts that were bestowed upon us by the creator to use and to guide us in which upon us and we are that divinity, fear is not and love can and will always triumph.

Footnote: I have had many talented and passionate artists donate their art and perspective to this blog over the years. It is good to have voices and expressions other than my own represented on this website. With so much going on in the world today it is refreshing to share this platform with good souls and critical thinkers.. Thanks Raye and thanks to all who took the time to read and share.