Lord please forgive me for my sins/
Is exactly how prayer begins for me/
Lord please bless my family/
Insane Wayne Hayteck and Cole Money/
Poets: Byron Walter and Karee/
DJ Code Blue and my man Key/
But most of all thank you for my lady/
Thanks for sending my soul mate to me/
She holds me down so thoroughly/
And always holds me closely/
Guardian is my position/
In this union she’s my wisdom/
80’s baby and still living/
Yin and Yang with selfless giving/
Orgasms flowing just like metaphors/
From my poetry/when it’s just her and me/
We go hard like stars do stars/ Like cars do cars when they crash head-on/
Or like when hot bars come from rock stars/
And kill the stage when they get on/
Baddest Queen tailor made for me/
From the heavens moving godly/
Angel in the sky/
With me ride or die/
Angel in the sky/
With me ride or die/