Many times, in entertainment (or any art form in particular) many of us are unaware of how that art, show or movement came to be. I am big on history, even though my high school days did not reflect this fact. So when I was approached by the founding members of “Letters2TheMic” in regards to the upcoming show at Kat’s Cafe on January 29, 2014. I was curious as to who they were and where they came from…

After we talked over brunch, we thought it would be great to share the details of their movement on this blog…


Letters2TheMic was created from the combination of our individual entities, The Remedy and Poetic Reservoirs. we, DeCoide and Jasmin, individually had hopes of one day hosting and/or performing in our own poetry events, but feared failure. We attended the same high school, but didn’t know one another too well just from walking the halls. Friending one another on facebook started a communication base between us. The start of Poetic Reservoirs (Jamin’s website) in 2011 revealed a similar interest between the two of us, poetry. TWO years later, we still shared the same venture and vision! That vision being hosting, performing and giving back to the community, all in the the name of Letter2TheMic. Our dream is large and we hope to gain many supporters to share as well. Letters2TheMic will start in Atlanta, GA; but we do not plan to stop here!

Thank you for supporting us thus far!

– Jasmin DeCoide