A funny thing happens when you progress/ in spite of those who attempted to oppress/ the lie that was told that you are less/ gets harder to digest/ especially when you become self aware that every fiber of your existence represents progress/ Funny how when you endure/ hell, high water & manure/ you may evoke the feelings of those who are insecure/

Let’s talk about it more..

When you represent progress/ you may cause pain to those who may have viewed success/ as a right of passage/ a privilege of the savage/ oppressors & over dressers/ who ain’t addressing shit/ that has to do with your well being/ Like you’re three fifth’s of a human being/ that should be happy that their ancestors “saved” us from a life in the bush/ I guess we forget/ who cured Europeans of their chicken pox/ when the Moors told them “you shouldn’t have your live stock/ that close to your house” on the couch/ or anywhere else/ next to yourself/ or the ones you love for better health/

Let’s talk about wealth..

I have never had a problem making money/ Interesting that happiness was so elusive every time I sat on six figures/
No matter how nice the suit/ how clean the cut/ how big the brain/ or how nice my game/ I always felt a vibe that said the nerve of this nigger/
Coming in here with his big brain/ articulating game/ & the need for change/ I think he’s strange/ perhaps deranged/ watch out.. I’m scared of him/

The fact that he’s so comfortable/ makes me uncomfortable/ my insecurities make his security not trust him/ & personally I find it disgusting that I’m so focused on his blessings I cannot see my own/ I am reminded of his light every time I see his face/ so as a little just in case/ I do my best to keep him in his place/

Let’s talk about race..

When they think about race/ they think of the many shades of brown/ lust & thirst for tears of clowns/ but that’s simply not how Graffiti gets down/

When I think race I think of happiness as a goal line/ how love & fear can be experienced at the same time/ & how silence to injustice is greater than the actual crime ~

Graffiti Bleu