Imagine me as a niave youth born to die, walking side by side with the sins of the father.
 Confused by ghetto fear sellers mad at me for not making the purchace,
That I felt wasn’t worth it.
Imagine my soul saved by blind faith carried to the waters on the back of a mother’s love.
Abused for growing tall, standing straight and being humble.
Long steps in big shoes made me stumble.
Imagine me 16 now, hard headed, ackward and angry watching all the evil that men do.
We choose selfish paths and wonder why feel so empty.
I walked away from family.
Imagine me on my own but not alone hustling hard for wisdom in the bowels of poverty.
Amused at how curse words cut like blades and how my words were flowing then
My goatee started growing in.
Imagine me as a poetic businessman searching for his lost fam’ with 30 over my shoulder.
Refused to sell my soul or be phony
Funny, I’m surrounded but I’m still lonely.
Imagine me building my own family with insecure people that are not in my best interest.
You lose a piece of yourself everyday they betray
Lord, help me find my way.
Imagine me at halftime coming full circle with gray hairs proving that I’m wiser than ever.
The blues, I never forget all the same
I paid respect by adding it to my name.
Imagine me no more, there’s no need, let’s proceed to move forward at a speed that’s faster
Than cruise, while I acknowledge all the love in the air.

Imagine not because I’m just right here.