Hustler’z Code Sneak Peek: Cops and Robbers (Sonny’s Story)

Hustler'z Code: Poet's Pursuit of Paradise, Book 3 by LaMont Anthony Wright Before you feast your eyes on the words below I would like to provide some context.. The bulk of the story will be told from the perspective of Lieutenant Sonny McCafferty, an officer who has been investigating Levi & the NYC Dragons from day one.. Enjoy ~

A retired cop walks into a casino with a bag filled with money. “Enjoy your retirement!” is what was written on a cute little card he found on the inside of the bag. Now he finds himself on a mission to return the money to the likes of whence it came. Every gambler in this building would hit him over the head if they knew what he was up to. They’d take his bag full of cash too. He a least bought himself a nice suit, shoes and shirt to wear for his big night. The night he gambles away a small fortune on purpose for the sake of principle. To express his version of a what a “Good Cop” is. Ironic how many wouldn’t express Good in this way.

His plan is not to blow it slowly over the course of a weekend, night or midnight hour. His goal is to get rid of this bag as efficiently as possible. Our good cop finds himself in Las Vegas and he feels that his surroundings are a bit pretentious. To him Vegas presents itself to be an exclusive club that only gives memberships to rich men and beautiful women.. a club that he was never a part of. He much rather enjoy his hotel suite. Room service is not pretentious; neither is the view from his bedroom window. (He did splurge a little) The Wynn hotel where he was staying wasn’t even built the last time he was here. He was looking forward to playing with his plasma flatscreen that comes out of his bed. He goes to the cashier and says “hello” She gives him a warm smile, raising her eyebrows with curiosity aimed at whatever he is about to ask or say. “I can get gambling chips here correct?” he says as she is obviously amused by his question. “Absolutely” she responds and as she does, he notices the subtle details in her beauty. He notices how beautiful her face when she expresses herself nonverbally. He studies her face for other nonverbal cues as well. The detective in him won’t go away by cutting retirement cake; he supposes before giving her a compliment. “You are a very beautiful young lady” he says to which she responds immediately with a fake smile and a direct statement. “Do you have a dollar amount for me?” she says in a curt tone. “I’m not really sure I know the dollar amount” he responds while taking the bag off of his shoulder, placing it on the floor. “I was hoping you could help me find out actually, not that it matters” It is clear that she has become annoyed with him at this point, which he finds amusing. He breaks eye contact with her, leans over and starts unzipping the bag. As he reaches in the bag he notices that he is flanked by two pairs of extremely large patent leather shoes. With his hand still inside of the bag, he looks up to notice that the two pairs of patent leather shoes both belong to two very large members of the Wynn casino’s security. He can only surmise that his lovely cashier hit a “panic button” of some sort. Makes sense. An old guy asking too many questions to a cashier with a leather bag on his shoulder may make a woman in her position uneasy. He smiles as he looks up at the two very well dressed goons. He then stands straight up maneuvering some of the bags contents out while doing so. The two men are in awe as they notice him clutching a tall stack of one hundred dollar bills in his hand. Now things are awkward. The goons aren’t sure how to proceed. One of them takes a step back and starts talking in a microphone attached to his lapel. He again turns around and faces the beautiful cashier, sliding ten thousand dollars under the glass. “I believe I have about twelve more stacks in the bag.. would you help me count it?”


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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