There are many men who feel women are not their equals in the field of business. One of the arguments regarding this disdain for women in the business world is a simple one. These men don’t feel that women are capable of making decisions without excessive emotional influence. They feel that a woman’s emotions may get in the way, or supersede sound logical business decisions that are in the best interest of whomever they may work for. This of course has been proved wrong by many a femme fatale that has learned how to beat men at their own game. This has also been proved wrong by defeated men who never considered a woman’s sexuality could be used as an advantage. Some women have even broken weak men through intimidation, making them have an over abundance of emotions instead. This argument will be put to the test with an experiment in social science. Simony Chiavary will attempt to settle the debate once and for all and usher in a new breed of feminine hustler. Like her, many women have learned how to be pit bulls inside of their skirts. She will have to be that and more to make up for a loss of time on a new found love. She tries to prepare her mind to handle the pending mess that exists outside of her private chamber. It’s hard to focus for her while she stares at the arms of her would be lover. The size of his arms, hands and fingers are appealing to Simony but that’s not what impressed her most. His tattoos on the other hand had her quite mesmerized. She has the look of a curious woman, which Liam finds incredibly sexy. That look left her as they were interrupted by yet another knock on the door. The urgency of the knocking made it easier for her to peel from his touch. She has never known unconditional affection before this time right here, right now. Intimacy without a hidden agenda brings unfamiliar warmth to the short and feisty spit fire. An hour ago she was drunk with the potions of new power, now she’s dizzy with romanticized thoughts of Liam. The way he spoke, the way he touched and the way he made her feel was more intoxicating than the event of the moment. She collects herself knowing that new love is probably an easier issue to face than whatever’s waiting for her outside. She exchanges the red blazer of her power suit for a red bustier which accentuates her bust line and exposes her arms. Liam watches her as she puts her clothes back on without any shame spoken in her body language. She is now ready to do battle on her own terms. As she steps out of the room she says;
“I’m off to work dear, will you have supper ready when I return?”

Liam looks at her with the most sincere eyes a man could give a woman. It melts Simony’s heart as she trusts a man for the first time in the confines of a romance.

“Don’t keep me waiting all night”
He says to her playfully serious.
“If you don’t come back soon, I’m going to have to start asking your other guests questions about Bendito”
he finishes with a smile. Simony was almost out of the door when Liam said what he said and she doubles back when she hears it.

“You’re a beautiful man Mr. Irish”

she says before she continues.
“I’m not sure how long you would stay that way if you persist in looking for him. I’ve only met him once but that was plenty. He is an extremely clever and thorough man. He was watching me like a ghost and I didn’t even know it. I have little doubt that he would find you before you would find him”
“Or maybe you’ll run away with me and he’ll never find either of us”
says Liam as he blows her kiss through the air.
“Hold that thought”
Simony replies as she blows back a kiss through the air in return. She closes the door behind her and goes from heaven to hell faster than a fallen sky.
      You can hear a man’s scream in the distance. The security guard who first knocked on the door seems scared to approach the Brazilian bombshell. An already frustrated Victor sees the hesitation of his subordinate towards his boss and takes matters into his own hands. Victor walks around the hesitant guard and grabs Simony forcefully by her elbow and begins to speak. His grip is tight and so is his jaw as he screams quietly through his teeth. His voice is silenced completely in mid sentence when Simony uses her free hand to grab a handful of his genitals. His hand slides away from her arm like ice cream slides down a hot slice of pie.
“If we are going to be business partners Mr. Etienne, you are going to have to learn how to communicate without using your hands”
She says as she tightens her grip around his life source. Victor is agreeing with a series of submissive head nods, repeated over and over until she releases him. After looking over both of his shoulders to see who saw him get bested, he fills her ears with a laundry list of pressing issues.
“We have a number of fires that need to be put out”
says Victor.
“There’s an issue in the fetish room with guest number 27. The girls in the bondage room have taken the fantasy too far with guest number 13. Guest number 11 is having performance anxiety and want’s his money back and…”
“Hold on cowboy”
Simony interrupts the rambling Victor.
“Let’s put the biggest fire out first, then we’ll put out the little ones”
     Victor looks at her with contempt and she doesn’t know why. Victor never seemed to give her his full endorsement when she took over as controller. As they walk up the stairwell to the next level of the mansion, she thinks about the tension they’ve shared since their first meeting. She thought that her age or gender may be the reason he may not take her seriously, but now she’s not so sure.
Who would put their hands on their boss?
She thinks to herself rubbing her arm as she comes to the stairwells top tier. Simony was once alone with her thoughts but now she can barely hear herself think. Besides the screaming man, there are noises of pleasure all around the house within the distance and between the walls. The door that Victor leads her to first has no such sounds vibrating from its hinges. The crash of glass breaking repeats itself over and over between the mumbles of curses and insults behind the door. Victor smiles and says
“Here is your biggest fire Her Highness”
He smiles at her which makes her feel like he is mocking her dilemma. She doesn’t respond, feeling that the bug that is up the split God gave him is not worth her time. She bursts in the room immediately without knocking and sees what she did not expect to. With all of the noise they made you would think guest number 27 and his escort were trying to harm one another somehow. The two of them weren’t anywhere close to that. There was broken glass on the floor behind the door that crunched under the weight of her high heeled red shoes. Funny, she did not see any broken glass anywhere else. The escort was reclined in a huge leather love seat waring all her clothes except for her shoes. Guest number 27 was on his knees in front of her with one of her bare feet on his chest and the other foot was deep in his mouth. You would think they were chasing each other around the room throwing things but all Simony sees is this kinky but calm situation. “So you’ve got my attention” Simony says sternly to the escort who has an agonizing look on her face.
Then the girl speaks…
“I can’t even feel my toes anymore. He’s been sucking the blood out of my foot for the past 45minutes! It felt good at first, but I think he sucked one of the nails off!”
Then the guest takes her foot out of his mouth and speaks…
“That wounded little soldier was injured before I got to her”
Then he puts her foot right back in his mouth and continues. After an interrogation Simony learns that her toe loving guest was in the wrong room. This is a fetish room and feet aren’t a true fetish. If he had picked the right room he would have gotten the escort with the prettiest red toes he had ever seen, just like he requested. What he got instead was a beautiful woman who has lovely feet except for one toe she smashed on the side of the pool. The nail was already dead and he sucked it right from its wounded bed. She thought it would be an easy night’s work since he didn’t require sex. Now the concerned escort is ankle deep in his mouth with her twinkly toes touching his teeth and tickling his tonsils. She is well aware that she is not allowed to hit or strike a client unless he requests such a service. She cleverly started throwing their champagne glasses across the room towards the door. When that didn’t work she started yelling and he took a few brakes from sucking her puppies to yell back. Simony sweet talks him into the proper room with an offer he can’t refuse. She tells him that the customer is always right. Then she guarantees that the toes next door are the ones that he wants. Guest number 27 then asks her
“What will I receive if the toes are not up to my standards?”
She replies
“Then I will let you suck on my feet while I count out your refund money to you”
She then slides her foot out of her red high heeled Madison stiletto. Her foot is flawless and the guest leaves immediately. After he walks out, Simony tells the escort to gather her things, and to find some work to do. Simony then puts her own shoe back on before she moves on to the next one. She still hears a man screaming in the distance. That must be guest number 13 in the bondage room. She sees that Victor is still waiting patiently for her outside of the fetish room. There communication is nonverbal this time. He simply turns away from her and starts leading her to the room full of screams down the hall. Victor’s long legs and extended stride makes him a pretty fast walker. She keeps pace in spite of her short stance and high heels. They get about 10 paces before Simony is stopped by a stout gentleman with a very wide waist line. His black suit and silk red tie must be tailor made to fit, seeming that nothing off the rack is made that roomy. He has the look of a man who has had a rough life and terrible skin to go with it. He stinks of cigars and brandy and needs extensive work on his bottom row of teeth. Victor finally notices that they’re separated and stops in his tracks. He tries to make eye contact with Simony over the wide shoulders of the man in front of her but Simony doesn’t blink. Simony looks at the guest with warmth and invitation and she is wise to do so. She suspects that the gentleman standing in her walking path is the infamous Guest number 1. He is the first member of this private club with no name and he has the most influence and power among the other guests. He knows exactly who Simony is and sizes her up for his pending confrontation. Simony isn’t sure of what his beef will be, but she is sure that it will take some time to iron it out. The escort that had the toe issue is walking past the three of them and Simony grabs her wrist before the big man has a chance to speak.
“I need you to handle the disgruntled guest in the bondage room while I talk to this gentleman”
she whispers to her inner ear and continues.
“I will pay you an extra thousand if you handle this for me. He is guest number 13 and I need him to keep his screaming down so that he doesn’t disturb the other guests”
“No problem”
she replies before heading for the bondage room. The so called Controller then turns her attention back onto the big dog in front of her.
“Now then, how may I help you sir?”
“I have an issue with this new ledger system. I never had to sign my name before and I don’t see why I have to sign it now. I have a reputation to protect. If anybody gets so much as a whiff that I am participating at an event like this my career is over. I don’t need my signature left on any ledger for proof of an indictment”
he says to her in a flurry of spit and bad breath. Still she maintains her calm demeanor and doesn’t flinch even though she wants to throw up inside of her own mouth. His lack of hygiene does not upset her and neither does his complaint. She feels it’s a ligament concern that she and Bendito discussed already. What she does mind however is the fact that he is using his size to intimidate her. She knows that she’s just a little thing, but the thugs in the streets were not as intrusive as these cooperate thugs. She was already grabbed once tonight. Since these so called cooperate thugs want to act tougher than the ones she grew up with in the streets, she will talk to them that way.
“Are you out of your fucking mind?”
she says to him in a low voice making her tone sinister.
“First of all, you need to back the fuck up. You respect my personal space and I will respect yours. If you get close enough for me to touch you again, I will have my guards bring pain to your supple body. I don’t care who you are. Do we understand each other?”
Guest number 1 is caught of balance by her threats and falls back a step which increases the distance between them. Even Victor is taken back at her boldness during this exchange. Then Simony continues her speech.
“Each of you men pays forty thousand dollars annually to be a member of these seasonal events. That equates to ten thousand dollars per party which is a bargain for you gentleman considering what services you get for your money. You get your choice between 50 women to fulfill your wildest fantasies. You get to launder all of the dirty money you make off of the books minus the annual fee. Your identity is guaranteed to remain anonymous by Bendito himself”
she says to him as he appears to be calming down. Yet she isn’t finished with him so she presses on.
“It was I that looked at the old system and decided to add the ledger with Bendito’s approval. I saw that if one of you powerful men decided to rat us out for some reason, we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on”
She says and Guest number 1 interjects.
“Why would any of us do that?”
he asks and then she replies.
“Perhaps one of you wants to get re-elected. Perhaps you decide you want to blow the lid off of this secret operation to look like you are in the interest of the public good. Perhaps you want to start your own business in the same field and want to rid yourself of your competition. There are many motives for eliminate us but I saw nothing that protected us”
she says to him before rounding out her reasoning.
“Consider your signature an act of faith. We can’t rat you out without incriminating ourselves, and now you can’t rat us out without doing the same. The signatures of our guests protect everyone in here from double crossing us and the man to his left. This policy is one that will stand as long as I am controller. This policy is non-negotiable. Now, do you understand, or am I going to have to be a bitch?”
The large man stares at her with his beady little blue eyes looking for some sort of weakness in her. He doesn’t find one. So he sticks out his hand to shake hers and she obliges him.
As she shakes the hand of the big nasty, she notices that she doesn’t hear the screams anymore. Big nasty then turns his attention to Victor who stands behind him and says
“You could stand to learn a thing or two from her Mr. Etienne”
The face Victor makes afterward is green with hater’s envy. As guest number 1 leaves to enjoy the rest of his night, the escort with the toe issue returns from her mission.
“Everything is taken care of Lady Simony”
she says.
“Lady Simony, I like that. Tell everyone else to call me Lady Simony and not Madame. Madame is old school, Lady is new. What’s your name sugar?”
Simony says while looking at the egg that’s still on Victor’s face.
says the lovely girl with the caramel complexion.
“How did you get such a nickname?”
Simony replies now giving Swift her full attention.
“I’m quick to jump into action. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s bad”
says the lovely working girl.
“I’ll tell you what Swift, why don’t you just help Victor put out the rest of the little fires in here while I go back to my chamber?”
“This new job description isn’t going to affect my pay is it?”
Swift says to Simony with the tone of an optimist.
“Indeed it does, it doubles it! Now if you will excuse me, I believe we all have a bit of work to complete”
Simony has brought calmness to the party that settles everyone down. She is learning the power of presence and vows not to disappear for extended periods of time during a party again. She concludes that many times people require our presence more so than our intervention. The guests felt abandoned when their host disappeared from the main floor. She is learning about some of the powerful men who give orders all day. She is learning that some liked to be bossed around outside of the kingdoms they rule over. This is the case for some of them but not for all of them. Some men like to be in control of everything. Some men like to micro-manage even when they don’t have to. She looks at her watch as she makes her way back down the stairs and sees that only an hour has gone by since she left her lover’s tattooed arms. She opens the doors to her chambers and learns about the power of presence yet again. She see that the fire place still burns brightly, but there is another flame her eyes are looking for. In front of the door she opens stands a man she did not expect to see. It isn’t a guest and it isn’t her mysterious lover with the tattooed arms. It is Bendito and he is lighting a tobacco pipe while he speaks to her from in front of the fire place.
“I see you did well even though you had me worried about you for a moment”
He says to her with smoke spewing from his nostrils. She says
“Thank you”
to him as her eyes search for Liam. Bendito however is no fool.
“I knew you could handle the hustle but I wasn’t sure you could handle the muscle
Bendito explains which pulls her attention back to him.
“I’m glad you didn’t let these guys push you around”
Bendito finishes and Simony thanks him for the opportunity. Shortly afterward Bendito’s mood seems to flip as he looks at the arm of his daughter. On her arm he sees a bruise of redness around her elbow. For all the barbarian he can be, he wants no one to touch his only daughter. He watched Simony all night from the shadows of the party. He knows she disappeared in this chamber for a spell but thought nothing of it until now. He never saw Victor grab her elbow or the way Simony retaliated. He just knows she disappeared in this room with a guest that he didn’t recognize. At first he thought Liam Irish was her boyfriend from the way they were looking at each other. Boyfriend or not, he better not have laid a single finger on her. He thought nothing of it but now his anger is looking for answers. Now he feels that she must have received the bruise when she was in here with him. Something doesn’t sit well with Bendito. Who would grab her like that? he thinks to himself. Bendito is on the right track but on the wrong train. Even the best make mistakes. The fact that he is jumping to conclusions proves that working closely with his daughter isn’t such a good idea. His emotions have gotten the best of him, and in this arena that can cost you.
“At least he’s not a total bastard”
Simony thinks while she watches him watching her. She already followed his eyes and noticed the bruise on her own arm and became self conscious of it. Bendito can see how uncomfortable this makes her so he gives her the most obvious question he can think of which is;
“Tell me all you know about Mr. Liam Irish.
I need to know if he was looking for me because I am damn sure looking for him!

Next Up: Episode 9. “Lonely Song of the Siren”