Fear & Love


I remember how fake I was when the word “real” was popular/

Now I know better and do better exposing truth passionately/

A Dragon doing his best to breathe fire with his mind as a pilot light/

Inspiring those who inspire me with testimonial melodies/

The loyalty/ of a heartbeat giving you love to the last breath/

I serenade the female form with a culture that’s lyrical/

Going deeper than most surface dwellers/

Going to the depths of pain and emerging with joy/

I wear it proud like a traveler with nice Per Diem/

Glory be to the magnificent/

Even though/ Love on its highest level is praise enough/


I’m really digging your flow/ Big Bro/ But what has that got to do with Fear and Love tho?..


Well I had to begin with a digression/

Before I went in on this lesson/

So for all who didn’t see the Fear and Love in that/

Excuse me while I bring it back/

I said… I remember how fake I was when the word “real” was popular/

Big Stan:

I feel you Bleu and I’m diggin what you’re spittin/

But let me know if this is an accurate description/


Your love was all about the treasure/ in pursuit of a woman’s kitten that was smitten/

You were basically just pretending/

Pretending to be the being she needs at that time being it took you to accomplish your mission/

Is there anything I’m missing? /


Not at all/ You caught that for real tho/

Now back to the verse.

Romance flow/

Being a proficient lover of women/ never inspired them to love me back properly/

Fear is one word with many dynamics/

If Man and Woman don’t approach their union as one body they have static/

Building a house with love in my one and only marriage/

We were doomed from the start building on a foundation that lacked courage/

Her decision to build a house with me/ was based in a fear of growing-old, alone/

As well as a fear of facing life’s many dangers on her own/

She saw me as a guardian/

Which actually wasn’t a problem then/

Because I was ministered by the type of men/

Who did everything to protect and enforce the divine feminine/

Phoenix to chime in here:

Excuse me while I take ownership of my own sh***/ <~ (The Faithful Few says Shhhhhhhhhh as I start to cuss but don’t)

My fear… was of not being good enough/

Always in the bad habit of trying to fit into people’s lives in stuff/

Never asking myself honestly if they were a good fit for my life/

Let alone were they worthy and such/
So now you have a foundation sponsored by thoughts of fear and built on lies/ hot damn!

Love is the house on top quickly sinking in quicksand/

Now the fear off loss kicks in/ forcing new lies to manifest/
But how is possible for love to be a loss? /

Human Beings are not property/

Second… A soul’s purpose is to experience what it chooses to experience/

So with love as the choice/ love not only helped me let her go/ but it told me to hold the door open for her/

Love matters/

As well as good manners/

Glory be/

to G.O.D.

Look at me/

I’m all polite and Sh***  <~ (The Faithful Few says Shhhhhhhhhh as I start to cuss but don’t)

Loving myself kept my ego in check/

You know how the ego gets/

Twisting the truth making you feel they’ve committed a disrespect/

You disrespect yourself when they want to leave and you don’t let/
GO! <~ (The Faithful Few says)
Let Our Voices Echo/

Let Our Values Endure/

Look Observe Verify Enjoy/

You missed that so let me say it once more/
L – O – V – E <~ (The Faithful Few says)
Let Our Voices Echo/

L – O – V – E <~ (The Faithful Few says)
Let Our Values Endure/

L – O – V – E <~ (The Faithful Few says)
Look Observe Verify Enjoy/

L – O – V – E <~ (The Faithful Few says)
The decision is yours…


This is a small portion written specifically for a show at Laughs Unlimited in Old Town Sacramento on August 13th 2015.
For those of you that know me, it is typical for me to blog the performance material (some of it) before I perform it. This is to let you see the creative process as it happens as well give you an idea of the subject matter. I don’t worry about “leaking” too much material. truth be told… you could read this 100 times and it will never be as powerful as the actual performance…

If you are in Sacramento in August. Please come through.