Godbody is a slang name for the members of the urban, Black empowerment/ youth movement/ called the Nation of the Five Percent/

Or should I say Five Percenters/ who are considered/ to be a splinter/ Nation of Islam Group/ A troop/ fierce as any woman without make-up or sleep/ cold as midwinter/

At least they were in my eyes/ I was slightly older than five/ when I used to watch them organize/ the intellectual thugs in my hood with the wits to survive/

Which got me thinking about what would make the culture of poetry thrive/

Vibrate at high frequencies/ and give off good vibes/ with a philosophy that doesn’t deprive/ the inspired who keep the culture alive/

And I came up with “Godbody”

I never heard anyone argue after the statement “God is Love” Maybe that’s because/ we are all familiar with the power that binds/ even if it’s just on a subconscious level/

It is easy to see/ when you apply Godbody/ in a literal sense to this philosophy/ which will always be with us like the force is to the rebels/

Now pause and think/

If the right leg and left leg constantly fought about/ who was longer or who was stronger/ Godbody wouldn’t progress/

When the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing it’s hard for Godbody to get dressed/

If there was no balance between the right side of your brain when it calculates/ and the left side when it desires to create/ quick and in a hurry you’d go crazy fast/

If the right side of your mouth kissed with love/ But the left only spoke on fear/ Your mouth would write checks that your ass couldn’t cash/

The flaw in our current philosophy/ that focuses on ME, ME, ME/ is that we view ourselves as separate/

Don’t you see? This Godbody/ philosophy/ focuses on the urgency/ of harmony/ in the art community/

The right leg and left represent the talent and the platform/ that move the culture forward which is the body/

The right hand and the left are pop culture and the underground/ reminding me of Kanye West/ and Mos Def/ how they both get down/ with one on the low and the other the life of the party/

The right side of the brain and the left represent/ the common people and the one percent/ who own 40 percent of the nation’s wealth/

One has the illusion of control/ one has true control but they ain’t so bold/ because they lack knowledge of self/

Which brings me back to the nation of the five percent/ why would I relent?/ Because when you break this shit down it really all makes sense/

Godbody/ Meaning man and woman are one body/ The promoter and the artist are one body/ Musicians and iTunes/ dope poets and packed rooms/ are all one body/

So stop frontin’/ Collaborate and build something/ be the reason for the rebirth/ of a higher sense of self worth/

I’ve been playing my part/ bleeding ink for this art/ signing off saying peace to the Gods and the Earths ~