My pain began at the sound of the bell.
I come out swinging painfully against bent
Heart guarded and brutal.
Bobbing and weaving dark spirits.
Delirious not noticing the hole in my chest.
As I tried to counter mirrored movements.
Only successful at frustration.
Satin laughing.
Dragon wings scorched through the heat of my hell.
The one that raged in the realm of my flesh.
Limiting my flight.
Selfish lessons train men to be slaves.
My weary arms have no fight left to fight.
I lay down my guard and now weave with light
Gave my pain away to the true champion.
Now I’m filled with luminosity.
The last bell sounds as I rise from my wooden stool.
I stand tall in this last round with the eyes of
Fearless against the demon which is me.
Graffiti Bleu~