If you say that it does; I must say I’m not impressed/ you always act like you could care less/ but I’m spiritually sensitive and I can feel your level of stress/

Damn Sun… you’re a mess/

You seem to be stuck on checkers/ playing with Rooks, Bishops, Queens and Kings who are ready for chess/

This isn’t a game though/ and you’d be hard pressed/ to go through life treating it like some kind of contest/ where you’re trying to be the best/

To be honest… you look like you could use some rest/

Are you working smarter or are you working harder? No or Yes? /

Let me stop being overly critical for I myself am a work in progress/

So I’ll digress/

We all know that “Love” is the answer to many questions of the heart/

Yet when it comes to being a loving person most of us don’t even audition for the part/

We’re more concerned with the reasons fake fuckers walked away/

Instead of showing love to the ones that stay/

We’re kind of fucked up in that way/

“Squeaky wheel gets the grease” or at least/ that’s what they say/

I would argue that selfish ways really aren’t self-serving at all/

At least not in a long term sense/ where the get back comes in the form of a harvest/

It seems to come back in the form of karma/ making you blind to the light in the darkness/

But it’s not like you’re heartless/ and I truly believe you’ll come full circle regardless/

If it’s in this life or the next/ and I really don’t expect/ you to about face or change your ways/

If you really want to serve yourself serve others the way you wish to be served/ and that same energy will return to you some day/