Do You Love Yourself Enough…

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Do You Love Yourself Enough?

You love

But do you love yourself enough?

You love to fit imaginary lovers into the cookie cutter silhouettes of wishful thoughts.

You love the thought of someone who does not exist as they bake inside the oven of misguided meals.

A watched pot never boils and watched batter never rises yet…

You love to watch the ingredients of your imagination through the hot tempered glass.

You love to sprinkle these ideas on bake with sugary vanity unimportant to the soul.

You love the warmth and smell of the pastry

You swear that it’s tasty till it burns your mouth and hands.

Now… cookies need love like everything does, but do you love yourself enough to not get burned again?

Do you love yourself enough to know that too many cooks can spoil a pie?

I’ll tell you why.

“Get yourself a doctor girlfriend” 

As if he can heal your soul with the loose change he has left from the time he barely spends with your ass.

“Get yourself a woman who doesn’t have any children”

As if killing the opportunity of a woman and child in search of a guardian is in the best interest of our people.

Really though…

You love

But do you love yourself enough?

Do you love yourself enough to go back into the kitchen of your soul and start again despite the pain?

Do you love yourself enough to cook from the feel of a freestyle, instead of the preconceived notions of a recipe for success?

Money, power, status and the appeals of the flesh are like confection to the tongue.

But when you swallow the bitter reality your palette is cleansed and the sweetness is done.

I personify in this fashion not to be critical of your desires…

Hell… You like what you like.

I’m just trying to show you the karma of cooking your “Happily Ever After” with sugars of the wealthy.

So if cakes, pies and cookies are all metaphors for unfulfilled love…

Do you love yourself enough to eat healthy?


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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