Dazed and Confused

Understand when I speak, that I’m just a realist, relaying poetic images from a broken society that’s in front of me.

So contradictive gimmicks won’t be portrayed or defined as the mold of me.

See I come from humble beginnings so understand that I don’t believe in the false concept of flash.

Nor will my lines provide lies about SWAGG, blowing money fast, (excuse my French) or how my “bitch” resembles a money bag.

I believe that’s the logic that weakens our community’s unity and keeps us detached.

So for my own personal growth, I try to position myself away from that.

At the same time try to open your eyes to see how we’re all mentally trapped.

Inside of a world mislead, lost in confusion.

Where negative morals and values are displayed as a positive illusions.

And it dumbs down the thinking of lost souls, believing in false hope as a legitimate solution.

From times that have been, beaten into submission from social contusions.

When honestly the truth is,
most put themselves in these situations believing everything they’re told before it’s actually shown or proven.

So tell me who is,
Greater than anybody to have their word valued before being tested or even questioned on their motives.

And let’s not forget,
that most rumors disappear faster than they are created, so what good is a source if their reliability is always retracted.

With that being said, I don’t believe in a revolution and could care less if it will or won’t be televised.

Truth is,
it won’t matter if we continue to dismantle the perception of ourselves by increasing the ratings of the ignorance they choose to promote and televise.

Or better yet, continue to blindly boast and give praise to the violence going on in the “third world” cities in these states.

Hiding behind the excuse of poverty being the reason that they’re just a product of their environment, making it ok that they glorify their own genocide.

And in the meantime, I have to hear another story about a young black man or child dying.

While the news, some of society, and their shooter use those same excuses to justify the homicide.

I say this because I want you to have your own opinion.

Remember this isn’t to ridicule, just an interlude used to riddle you.

Examples used, to advise your eyes to open wide better on what should interest you.

Instead of propaganda rendering you dazed and confused.

– Byron Walter.