slaveryShe disguised her intentions behind a wall that I was trying to move forwardly.

Cleverly, eagerly and sexily standing on the same side as me, offering to help me.

Hot Sun riding shot gun, blinding me from better options,

As if I could see past the wall, or my own determination for that matter,

Now my focus is shattered and there’s a change in the chit-chatter  

God coaching and I listen without hearing,

I’m focused on hips now,

I’m focused on lips now.

Her softness would be a welcome change from the edges of hardened clay.

As I crave her softness, she craves my hardness,

And that’s not all she wants oh no, she won’t stop there.

She wants to enslave my passion… It is that simple.

So she pretends to give my wall a push, but her hands where too soft to maintain the lie.

My worth now known unto me
I am not the same, or the fool you see,
and neither was she, on any day.

How can I be mad at the game, when I’m so willing to play?

Here are some confessions, hidden in plain sight between my expressions.

One of us was into romance for the sake of business,

One of us was into business for the sake of romance.

There’s no love lost as God’s my witness.

It was only right that we shared one great dance.