Black Love (An Honest Discussion ALL Races Need to Hear)When I did a Google search of the the term “Black Love” I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found however was typical instead of the more cerebral, insightful or spiritual answer I was looking for. What I found was more “pictography” than definition. More of what the image of Black Love is than an explanation of what it is or what is not. I also found that many question the very notion of the term “Black Love” siting that love is love and it is not that I disagree. However, I believe that the dismissal of such a thing as Black Love is one of the main reasons why society at large is in its current state. Agree or disagree with the term “Black Love” we can all agree on the current state of human beings on this planet. We view ourselves as separate, when in reality we are all one; created by the same God all possessing the same light, here simply to experience, create and delight in the abundance of infinity. Thus, blinded by the light of the truth, we become fearful of each other, selfish towards one another, don’t have empathy for one another and so on. As a result, history only tells His Story. A tale of the past told from the perspective of the conqueror. Where his glory is embellished and the rest is omitted. With this model every image is a lie told over and over until it is accepted as truth. A truth that makes the descendants of the conquerors arrogant and entitled and the descendants of the conquered hate themselves. This brings me right back to the google search I mentioned at the start of this. The dominant material I found was a direct response to the lies being told by the oppressive forces. That lie is that only the conquerors are capable of love. That lie is perpetuated by Hollywood and Media of all types. You almost never see a representation of Black Love on screen or any other love for that matter, be it yellow, red, orange or blue. Images are powerful and the people who look to make slaves of our thoughts know this better than anyone. If you don’t ever get to visualize another races capacity to love, it is easy to “disconnect” from them. Don’t believe me? Many in this country have pets, mostly dogs or cats. Being an animal lover and a spiritual one at that, I have seen my dogs Bishop and Rook (Two 70 lb. Boxers) show their capacity for love, happiness and sorrow as many have seen in their own pets do the same. In contrast, many have never seen so-called “Black Love” or the capacity for blacks to love. So when a black, defenseless, unarmed child gets murdered in cold blood on their TV screen in High-Definition, there is no public outcry. Yet without the High-Definition imagery, if America was told for example, that a prominent athlete was being cruel to dogs; there is a public outcry for the athlete to not only lose his job, but to no longer be a member of society again. Yes I know… love is not exclusive to the black race nor is it less or more special than any other love in any other form. Bottom line is Love is Love. I am focusing on Black Love because I am a black man first and foremost. Secondly, black folk, African Americans, the so-called Negro or whichever you prefer is unique in the sense that we are the only people who do not have a strangle hold on our own media. (BET doesn’t count) So tonight we have an honest discussion all races need to hear, with 2 of the most loving black women I know.