Battle of the Planets #poetry

21430848_s Looks like I am in a different space these days/

To best describe this inner space I’ll use outer space as a metaphor/

I dance with the planets in spirit form and verse in manifesto/

If you were empathic enough to see/ the universe inside of me/

You would see planets spinning around the Sun/ traveling through the blackness of space/ like a comet that has some place to be/

A divine vortex pulling us in its gravity/

The Sun represents me moving forward unapologetically/

The planets represents my inner peace and surrounding harmony/

Gravity of course is love metaphorically/

Moving like love moves has you move rhythmically/

And love’s music is so sweet to me/ it often changes how I see/

My eyes no longer belong to my ego/ making my reactions less likely to be emotional/

Every thing appears to move slower now like a fancy ad or promotional/

In a slow motion flow/ where alpha males pop champagne/

ask women for their name/ but instead they receive game/

in the form of a flipped question/

“Before I tell you my name, how about you tell me your profession?”

I thoroughly understand female nature/ and no ladies, this wisdom doesn’t inspire me to hate ya/

Just know I’m familiar with many forms of deception and manipulation long before I date ya/

I thoroughly understand spiritual warfare/

So if you go against me and I act like I don’t care/

It’s not that I don’t care/

I just have sense enough to know that a relationship between mediocrity and excellence will go nowhere/

The same goes for a pretentious person and one that’s sincere/

I am no longer bothered by cats that won’t fuck with you unless they can exploit you/

Without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of what the fuck else are they going to do?/

I thoroughly understand why the weak are quick to “click up” /

If they were weak riding solo around the strong they’d have to man-up/

I throughly understand poetry politics and why I am rarely asked to feature/

That same political thinking makes Kardashians rich and underpays firefighters and teachers/

And since the game is designed to promote the shallow and stay away from the heavy/

Why would I get upset over breaking bread lyrically with your spirit, when your spirit just isn’t ready? /

Now let’s go back to the metaphors that are planetary/

Looks like I am in a different space these days/

Some think they’re in that same space/ looking to have a star war/ or/ a battle of the planets/

But they are in a dimension where stars wan’t to be seen and me and my Earth want to vanish/

My inner space/ gave me a taste/ of what peace can be/

Now my mind ice skates as it creates figure eights/

of Divinity and Infinity/



author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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