A Moment of Clarity

A Moment of Clarity
How should I start this?/ how should I go in?/
What should my flow be?/ how should I begin?/
So much to discuss?/ before my time ends?/
Mind steadily scheming on just how to win?/
What should I speak on?/ how do I innovate?/
How do I brush off followers that love to hate?/
How do I thank all of the strangers that went out and bought it?/
How do I look at my family who wouldn’t support it?/
How can my company flourish?/ How can I maintain my courage?/
When so many try to discouraged?/
How do I bring my brother back reincarnated?/
Which song would he love most out of everything that I’ve created?/
How do I stay motivated?/ How I do not become bitter and jaded?/
“Hey look Mamma I made it”
Will this be my last LP?/ Will I just stick to Poetry?/ Novels and movies?/
Are these the last of my musical lyrical days?/
Will Showtime and HBO take an interest in my screen plays?/
Funny when I ask every question in sincerity?/
I can hear my Mother’s voice clearly speaking out to me?/
Son what’s for you is for you?/
God works on his time?/ and deep down I already knew?/
Her wise words are always on my mind?/
She gives me food for thought with each and every line?/
Pops has wisdom to give too?/
He’ll laugh and joke but he don’t play?/ his words are real and true?/
How was I blessed with such cool parents?/
How the hell did they make it work for over 40 years of marriage?/
Or better yet are those days over?/
No more husband and wife shit just special friends and cold shoulders?/
Why don’t rappers rap when they get older?/
Knowing damn well wisdom makes everything you say colder?/
Could it be personalities scream this is a young man’s game?/
Damn shame?/ the wise have no place in the game?/
I’m asking questions but I know the time?/
Like pleading innocent knowing that I did the crime?/
This is the first track of what could be my very last effort of hip-hop music. This is not posturing or threatening a public retirement to try to gain some kind of press… I am an independent artist more infamous than famous. This is taking care of unfinished business as an Emcee. I have never felt that I had that one body of work that defined who I was or showcased my lyrical range. I wanted storytelling, punchlines, intricate flows and tricky wordplay. I also wanted to do all of that while providing a window inside to who I am at this point of my life. Creatively I will be going in a different direction on this blog and with my writing in general…. So to all who are just now getting to know me welcome and to all those who already know me hold on to your butts.


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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