21 More Questions..



1.What does a woman actually mean when they say “I am not going to give up any pussy for free?”

2. A spiritual master told me that there was no assertion of evil. In this universe that’s based on attraction there is no assertion. So there is no so-called “Bad Energy” asserting itself towards you. So the question is “Do you understand that concept?

3. A spiritual master also told me that there in fact was no evil and even if there was, it certainly is not asserting itself as an energy force that is seeking you out to manifest itself into your existence. Which makes the next question this: What is darkness but the absence of light?

4. If in fact there is no “Evil” and all darkness is, is an absence of source energy or that which we call God, how many of you still believe that Satan is real?

5. How many of us believe in the philosophy that says: Things generally end up how they start?

6. I have heard many single ladies ask; Where have all the good men gone? That being said; did the so-called “good men” actually go somewhere?

7. Are you dependent on anyone to act a certain way so that you can feel better?

8. If you answered yes to #7, do you feel that is a winning strategy?

9. Are any of us arrogant enough to believe that mankind, who does not have the power to create a planet, has the power to destroy one?

10. Should the person who asks for the date pay for the date?

11. Did any of you realize that the second verse of the Star Spangled Banner celebrates the death of African American slaves?

12. Do any of you agree with the statement; The only way to get the solution is through the working out of the problem?

13. If so, why do you feel so many take a passive aggressive approach to most problems?

14. When you are on a trip, do you expect to be there in an instant? Meaning that, during your drive, plane ride or any other means of transportation, are you constantly asking yourself why you aren’t there during the entire journey?

15. If 14 seems ridiculous, why do so many expect instant manifestation instead of enjoying the journey?

16. How many of you are comfortable in your own skin?

17. How many of us know at least one person who is not?

18. What poet would you like to see be a feature here at Rhythm & Poetry?

19. What musician would you like to see feature?

20. When was the last time someone told you they loved you?

21. When was the last time you said “I love you” to yourself?