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WITH LOVE Wisdom Inspires Those Here Living On Vibrant Energy @akronems WITH LOVE We Inspire Truth Helping Lives Obtain Valuable Experiences, by living by example, to encourage others the process of utilizing self love, Each day is a challenge to do better than yesterday by improving our weaknesses to become our strengths, as STRUGGLES Start […]

Thursday Thoughts / Word Wizards #GuestBlog @Akronems

THURSDAY = Through Hustling Understand Responsibility Shows Determination About You @akronems Today is a great day to reflect on the growth of self. Our work week is almost ending but it’s always good to self reflect when improving self. Whatever is your skill of trade or career experience keep practicing, reading, researching and building to […]

Word Wizards Guest Blog Series #1 Akronems

GRAFFITI BLEU= Greatness Reflects Art Finding Focus In Talent Inspiring Black Love Educating Us BELIEVE IN YOU= Building Experience Learning Insight Elevates Valuable Experience I Notice Years Of Understanding @akronems Waking up daily is the first step towards success, all you have to do is BELIEVE IN YOU. We all face struggles & obstacles in […]