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Directing film is a very natural progression from writing short stories, novels and screen plays. It is simply another way to tell a story. Poetry and Emceeing in music are also different ways. Ultimately, the Poet's Pursuit of Pleasure series of books will be on film. However, before we at GRAFFITIBLEU Publihing tackle such a project, we have to 1st make smaller films and work our way towards the Candice Film Festival. 

"The Calm"

Now we can discuss the signiture series of gbleu.com

The Poet's Pursuit of Pleasure Book Series.

Buy Direct & get a Discount. gbleu.com

Buy Direct & get a Discount. gbleu.com

Buy Direct & get a Discount. gbleu.com

"Hustler'z Code" is being written now.

(Still in the oven)

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Here's the reality: You will more than likely NOT by from this website no matter how much you explore it and enjoy the material. Either you do not trust this website, you are not familiar enough with my work or you would rather be entertained through some other source of media.

Here's another reality: If you do not support independent artist who will? These bodies of work are spread throughout the Internet via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Barnes and Noble ect. So you do not have to trust this site to get any media that is displayed on it. GraffitiBleu Publishing is 100% committed to any art with language involved. So for the sake of the culture and the preservation of professional uncompromising art. Don't close the window to this website without at least getting some of the freebies.


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