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The Poet's Pursuit of Pleasure Book Series.
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Winter - 2015

LaMont Wright infuses his unique lyrical abilities into the

"An Emotional Affair / Intimate Rivalz" installment of his Poet’s

Pursuit of Pleasure series of novels. The main character, Bleu, is a

Poet / web designer who ran a popular poetry site. A lover by nature,

he yearns for a creative soul akin to his own in feminine form. He finds

her in a woman with the online stage name of Black Butterfly. Once the

two finally get a chance to interlock, the novel kicks into high gear like

Bleu’s 1000cc Yamaha R1. Enter Simony Chiavary, the exotic third

partner to Bleu and Black Butterfly’s sexual escapades. Enter Vonlyn,

Bleu’s deadly arch nemesis. Get ready to travel to New York City, NY;

Daytona Beach, FL; Rio Brazil. When LaMont Wright takes you

to these cities, you will smell the smells, feel the energy and see the

intricate details of your literary surroundings. LaMont Wright does a

superb job keeping a poetic and complex flow throughout “An

Emotional Affair” There are threads of meanings embedded within

the word choice. There are double and sometimes triple entendres.

There is subtle wit, intellect, humor, logic and swagger sewn into the

narrative. There is a forward moving plot. The duality of poem and

novel will keep you on your toes if you are a critical thinker.

LaMont Wright’s knowledge of fighting, chess, business, corporate real

estate, city layouts, subcultures, interpersonal relationships, poetry and

etymology gives his imagination a wide palette from which to paint.

LaMont Wright is also a great storyteller. The way he sets up the inner

workings of this novel can be likened to the way that a watchmaker fits

the various springs and gears together to make a watch work like clock


    Joey Pinkney

Book Reviewer

Music, Poetry and Photography.


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