For every box they try to place me in, I have a new creation that cuts that box like a razor.


Graffiti was my first form of artistic expression...

Blue is the color I identify with during the creative process... 

"Bleu" represents rebellion against conformity.

This is the home of my creations and collaborations.

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 Book I

The goal was to write a the most original, provocative and compelling love story I could create. The result was a sizzling novel worthy to begin the journey. This erotic novel maintains the tension of 2 star crossed lovers from cover to cover.

Book II Suspense Novel.

Readers asked for more drama after Book I. So I gave it to them.

Book II 1/2

Simony stole many scenes in the previous books... It seemed only fair to tell her story through a novel with 5 alternate endings.


Book III

This book is currently being written. The love story between Amber & Anthony comes to its unconventional conclusion. This book falls in the Mystery genre. Many readers that I interact with hate a predictable ending or outcome to any story. Keeping that fact in mind while I write, I grantee no one will see the end of this series coming.


There are ebook versions of all the Poet's Pursuit of Pleasure titles.  Versions are compatable with Kindle / Nook / PC & Tablet. You ←may click on the cover to find versions here at or you may go to our affiliates.

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