The Videos

Performance Poetry, Music Videos, Short Films, Social Commentary, Artist interviews & More...

To the Girl Sitting in the Corner (Phoenix Divine)

Fear and Love (Graffiti Bleu’s Verse)

The Aphrodisiac of Power

Just Because #Music Video by Graffiti Bleu

“Way of the Streets” by Graffiti Bleu performed over “Nautilus” by Bob James

HEAVY by Graffiti Bleu

The Radio Show

"Just My Thoughts" with Graffiti Bleu via GBleu Radio Always informative, always entertaining, sexy & spiritual critical thinking.

The Book Series

A cinematic poem best described as a mix between "Love Jones," "The Thomas Crown Affair" & "Sin City" directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The Albums

Back Packer, Conscious, Poetic, Grown Folks, Soul Music true to the culture of Hip-Hop

The Blog

A culmination of all the art from Graffiti Bleu in written form. Short stories, poetry, rants, music lyrics, screen plays & much more.