It is quite unfair that I ask any of you a question that I do not have the answer to. However I am more than willing to tell you what I do know. I believe the only way to break the cycle of hate is to insert more love. For such a heavy problem, the proposed solution sounds simple and cliche does it not? It may not seem that way after I’ve explained my thinking on this. First off, I do not believe that we love ourselves enough. This is extremely apparent when we look at how we treat each other. Most people expect for an example to ONLY be kind and/or loving to a very select few people. Their children, their best friend or their lover perhaps. Choosing only to love in a limited environment. Choosing only to love when it feels safe to do so. Ignoring the plights of the poor, the angry, the hungry, the disenfranchised or anyone else that doesn’t look like we do. We point out the petty differences like proud peacocks in heat looking for a mate with a dazzling display; ironically having the same ten fingers, ten toes and the complete range of emotions that we do. Secondly, how we treat strangers are more of a testament to what kind of person you are. The kind of people we are will decide if racism will ever end. We believe that what happens to our neighbors doesn’t effect us. How could it not? If you believe for example, that a police force who enjoys profiling, abusing power, killing children of color without ever going to jail for doing so, is capable and competent enough to be in your community, so be it. I personally would not trust police that were capable of that to protect and serve. Did they not already prove that they are only protecting themselves and serving us citations? I personally would not trust police that were capable of that to be around my personal property, my neighborhood or to be around my family. This is how we love ourselves more. When we don’t tolerate negative energy around us or anyone else whether we know them or not. However, not loving ourselves enough goes deeper than just how we treat others. Many out there really believe they can be an absolute cunt to everyone on the planet, but only be sweet to their daughter and whoever is paying the bills and they’ll be no karma from that. Like all the negative emotions you had won’t come back and manifest in one way or another. Lastly I would like to touch on the nature of man’s vanity. As ugly as racism can be, man and his ego are quite content with the notion that he/she is inherently more superior than someone else. The reasons why someone believes they are superior don’t even have to make sense. Vanity will twist reality to match the ego’s image of itself. It is almost like the races are playing one big game of musical chairs and no one wants to have their ass without a seat when the music stops. As long as someone perceives themselves as more privileged because of blood or status we miss the point of every lesson that racism has ever taught us.

Will Racism Ever End.. & if so How?

It is quite unfair that I ask any of you a question that I do not have the answer to. I do suspect that if racism were to ever end, it would end when the people had enough. I suspect it would end when people fought as hard for their neighbor’s children as they do their own. I do suspect it would end in a time when people yelled “All Lives Matter” and actually had the actions to go with it. I do suspect that it wouldn’t be able to exist in a world where people saw themselves as more than flesh, blood and bone. Where people were just as concerned about their spiritual well being as they are the physical. Racism could not exist in a world that celebrated differences and saw them as exciting and not dividing.

What I do know is that racism ends the moment conversations like these start.