Once upon a time there was a controlling man. He kept a beautiful wife locked away from the world physically, emotionally and spiritual…. He manipulated the love she had for him. He abused that love and did his best to destroy that which he knew was beautiful about her. In an attempt to destroy her spirit, he betrayed her love. But he was a fool… He was controlling because he himself was reckless. He tried to destroy beauty, because, he himself was ugly… I would tell you how this story ends, but why? This type of tale always ends the same way. She will find a prince named Bliss & he will find a mistress named Karma. He was the architect of his own downfall, as well as her joy. All he did was teach her how to honor the one who deserves her hand… I digress with a single question: 

When if ever, has someone tried to be controlling of a mate without malice intent?