I was in bed with a Spanish Princess/

Rolling a blunt while she burned some incense/

Fire to a match now the weed was sparking/

She exhales smoke and we gets to talking/

About a poem that I said back at the party/

She said she felt the spirit enter her body/

Now she wants to hear another poem in private/

For showing off that is exactly what I get/

I say that because the King don’t like me/

This King is the Princesses Daddy/

And once he discovers that I’m not at the party/

I really think the King is going to hurt somebody/

I have to handle business quickly/

Only problem is the Princess won’t let me/

Before I can touch her naked glory/

She says; “Pappi Tell Me a Story!”

The Storyteller/

Now This Princess got game like a motherfucker/

Gangster Chick, she ain’t no sucker/

Luckily I find stories easy to manage/

So I turned the situation to my advantage/

I said: “Once upon a time in the near future/

I will give you love that will perfectly suit ya/

Be the muscle for your Queendom/

Who is guided by your wisdom/

Express yourself as a woman/

And we’ll strengthen our connection”/  

“Negro Please!” she said/

No quick… get under the bed/

I hit the floor like Manny Pacquiao/

Or a man who fought Iron Mike in his day/

The King broke the fucking door down/

And from under the bed I could hear him say/

Where is..? The Storyteller//

“All hail the King” said the Princess/

“So glad that you could show interest/

When I flirt with your enemies/

Seems to be the only time you ever come around me”?

Damn… She didn’t try to fake it/

Talking shit to her pops half naked/

The King flips the bed/

And the bed goes flying/

And the Princess too/

The King grabs my head/

And he pulls me up till I’m standing on my own two/

He’s huffing and puffing being overly rough and/

Discussing something about whipping my fucking ass/

I thought he was bluffing/ till I couldn’t hear nothing/

With him touching/ clutching and crushing/ me with his hands/

The old King is strong no doubt/

I can feel myself start to fade out/

The King’s right hand man decided to speak/

And I could feel the King’s grip get a little weak/

He said “The Story Teller could better serve us/

By telling the story of this/

Making all the others nervous/


The Storyteller///