A true business man/woman, looks at a company, examines that company and finds better ways to make that company run more effectively and/or fulfills a need for that company.

Looking for representation, I was at a place where I was about to be on my 5th published novel and my 3rd studio album. With a “thick” catalog and plenty of merchandise bought and paid for, representation made sense. After a series of phone calls, I found myself sitting across the table from Ernie Dozier of RaggTyme Entertainment. Ernie and I chopped it up, and he is a good guy. He was the man back in the 90’s. The man behind the scene handling business for the Grammy award winning Digable Planets, DJ Kool and other acts of the day.

Looking at his company, I immediately looked for where the holes were. Technology came and took the world by storm since the 90s and his company didn’t seem to roll with the changes in how the public consumed music and information about entertainment in general. Since I needed a “Co-Sign” from an insider and he needed a spokesman for his company in the digital arena, the partnership made sense.

I immediately established GTV, my own YouTube channel, to “sell myself” as that guy. Marketing myself and events that we were doing together. The general public was excited about everything we did, however Ernie’s form of old school was not receptive to new ideas that he himself was not totally in control of. He was also surrounded by a bunch of yes men. Guys that smiled in his face and then would talk shit about him behind his back. This was concerning for me, because I learned early that a man is judged by the company he keeps. If these were the folks in his inner circle, how successful was this company ever going to be? Or better yet, if they’re talking shit about him now, what’s going to happen if Ernie does break through and gets a “motherfucker” check? A house is only as strong as its foundation… right? Also, his subordinates weren’t very subordinate. He would tell his people many times to do this or do that, meet at this time or be at this place and they along with him would be notoriously late, have problems getting there or wouldn’t show up at all.

Finally, I noted his overall mentality towards business. It is not that he wasn’t brilliant in his own right, but his “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” was exhausting to me and not based in reality. Also, he has the swagger of a pimp which I found concerning, as well. I found myself suing this man for $1500.00 dollars at the end of our partnership for services NOT provided. It got thrown out of the California courts, and I would have pursued this in a Maryland court…

(Where he lives and where RaggTyme is based)

but I would have had to sue him for 5500.00 dollars to cover my lawyer fees. A part of me wanted to do it because counsel told me it was a very winnable case. But then I thought to myself… “This negro doesn’t have it to give.” In his mind, him shopping my music around without success and giving me some game was worth $1,500.00 and it very well may have been. However, that is NOT what we agreed on.

So, if you say one thing and do another, fucking artists over, karma dictates that you probably won’t be successful in the long term. So to digress, I think Ernie Dozier of RaggTyme Entertainment is a brilliant man standing in the way of his own success. His pimp mentality, insubordinate team, lack of embracing of technology and overall tom fuckery practices aren’t a good look for any company. Believe it or not, I actually wish him well. He taught me a lot.

Especially what NOT to do in this game.