So much is said about the future/ So much time is spent in preparation for it/ we adore it/ always looking to explore it/ ironic how we ignore it/ when it comes time to envision/ the impact and effects/ the moment just before and right after your death/ or how much pain will walk hand in hand with your last breath/ that part of the future gets in touch with the fear in us/ yet it doesn’t stop us/ even after we’re grown/ after so much we’ve been shown/ most remain terrified of the unknown/ yet we remain ever so curious/ and oh so serious/ as to the glorious/ and notorious/ future time/future space/ or future place/ where good fortune will reside/ we imagine that there will be a big bank truck/ in the driveway of Lady Luck/ as we knock/ hoping to go inside/ and we never stop knocking trying to get inside/ I wonder how much pride/ is involved when we constantly fantasize/ about what could be, instead of what is right before our eyes/ effectively taking the opportunity of the moment../ and tossing it to the side/ fantasy is good but I doubt it should ever be prioritized/ over anything that is “right now”

For right here, right now/ you are in the wine cellar of my soul/ and since the only moment that matters is now/ I cannot help but to be curious as to how/ we all came to be in this particular space we’re in/ welcome to “The Poet & the Violin”/ We’ve got me/ we’ve got Brooke/ in celebration of this book/ “The Art of Saying No”/ and regardless of what you may think about the book’s title and its concept/ I must provide the proper context/ in the confines of this show/ so/ before you I stand/ revealing who I am/ as a man/ broken down step by step in testimony verbalizing God’s plan/

Some time in the not so distant past/ I was busy writing this/ conceptualizing this/ as well as realizing this/ very moment which/ is right here/ right now/ which actually/ used to be/ the not-so distant future/ so my take away from that/ is the undeniable fact/ that one should be mindful of the future/ but not at the expense of the moment/ looking for balance between being here and moving over there gives value to the journey component/ “enjoy the journey” makes more sense now don’t it?/

So right here right now/ between the time this show got started until this show gets finished/ I’m bringing you a violinist/ along side a vivid/ description of my life with each sentence/ hopefully this gives each and every one of you the type of experience/ that makes you feel something real deep in your spirit just from you hearing this/ so ladies and gentlemen/ boys and girls/ dudes and dudettes/ the sexy and the not-so sexy/ big children and little/ what you are about to bare witness to is poetic theater/ written and designed/ to help me better define/

“The Art of Saying No”

Act One

“Invisible Bully”