The problem with love is that too many don’t practice.

Or so I thought, naive as I go out as a sheep among the wolves

The sheep representing how vulnerable you become when you create for the love of creating

The train tracks could very well be the first wolf I encountered

I will take you back to the days of my love of graffiti.

Watch that third rail booooooooooyyyeee…..

It will light your ass up! they would say

They never lied to me

We were all brothers creatively

We did it for love and it kept the art pure

But wait I’ll tell you more…

The problem with love is that too many don’t practice.

That was a philosophy I should have kept when Hip-hop entered my life.

Walked into my space as if she was my wife.

Coming to guide me through this jungle called life.

We were doing so well until the game became trifle.

I’ll be the first to plead guilty to the courts and admit I was stingy with my creations

Stingy because of fear. Not quite sure how a mamma’s boy
should express himself in a land of testosterone.

If my father was home

perhaps some of his courage would have rubbed off on me.

Again am I a sheep among the wolves.

This time the wolf represents the one’s who mean to exploit your passion.

The problem with love is that too many don’t practice.

So I persisted and became a better lover to women by loving my passion daily as the rising sun.

I practiced sharing my whole life through creativity which brings me to who I’ve become.

The fearful are so familiar that they no longer scare me with their insecurities.

And so I have time to practice.

It allows me to be free enough to create for the love of creating.

Though I walk on a path designed for me I walk not alone but with God’s wind at my back.

His presence and divine grace is the one thing that makes me

comfortable being inside of the flesh of an outsider.

One of the few who practices love every day by creating for the love of creating.

I am no longer a sheep among the wolves

I stand as a symbol of a forgotten custom.

The custom where love has the freedom and strength to fly always…