horse-carrotUse your mind for a moment and picture a carrot and then picture a horse/ 
Imagine the carrot represents wealth and the horse represents the citizens of the world/ 
Use your mind and place that carrot on a string which hovers just over the horse’s nose/ 
Now attach the string to a stick that hovers over the horse’s back/ 
Attached to its neck and chest is a yoke attached to a pulling cart that’s behind its ass and tail/ 
Once wild and free what the horse does not see is how he or she has been broken/ 
I wonder if the horse thinks about the manipulator driving the cart or how life was before domestication/ 
Running through open fields with passion forcing its way from its lungs/ 
Steam exiting out of its nostrils, turning into white clouds as its hot mist comes in contact with the cold air/ 
Life tasted, savored and swallowed, drinking from the wilderness and lakes that are made from the melted snow crystals of mountain tops/ 
Does the horse dream about strong strides and fast speeds? / 
Are those dreams filled with subtle little details like the random patterns of winds at a season’s change? /
Regardless of what it may or may not think, the horse is an incredible example of nature/ 
It is a beast and a metaphor for power in the flesh/ 
Some argue that true power is of the mind, not muscle/ 
Funny how folks don’t associate strength with intellect? 

To flip it, let’s make the horse as smart as it is strong/ 
What if the horse viewed us as a nation of sheep, ruled by wolves and owned by pigs?/ 
What if the horse perceived his master as a compliant sheep?/ 
What if the horse understood every lie we’ve ever believed as well as why every lie was ever told? 
What if that animal perceived us as easy tricked and amazingly distracted? / 
What if the horse knew that most fear the loss of a job they hate? / 
What if they looked at us dumb for buying shit we don’t need?/ 
And looked at us stupid when we try to impress those who don’t matter/ 

That would be one smart horse/

But that’s not reality/ 

The reality is we’re no smarter than the horse/ 
For example; when the carrot is love, the horse is the one blinded by love, eyes flooded with the glowing light of the pursuit/ 
When the carrot is fame and fortune, the horse is that arrogant artist heavy with talent and light on humility/ 
When the carrot is a war disguised as peace, the horse is the believer of false media and propaganda/ 
These metaphors are not designed to be an outline/ to identify or undermine/ those who fall in line/
Nor is it a warning to those who refuse to open their minds, for fear of what they may find/ 
The verse was crafted as an expression/ of my mind’s many questions/ Sobering digestions and digressions about the nature of oppression/
Watch your desires closely and before you reach make sure you’re not blind to the facts/ 
You may be pulling a cart for someone exploiting the strength of your strong back/ 
Perhaps you are the wise who chooses not to see feeling you’ve earned your comfortable position by your own merit/ 

I just wanted to touch your conscious spirit/

The Horse and the Carrot.