Guest Blog by Collective Member: 
Byron Walter
“Mind’s Oak”
Trying to remain level headed, cool, and collected. 
Sitting back putting everything into perspective.
Find it hard at times, with my mind racing in all 
Jumping from different topics and ideas slightly from a prior encounter or situation. 
But I store them in my mental vault and treat them like life's investments. 
Which they are if you consider my growth as a 
Somewhat of a rehabilitation of my childish ways 
in previous phases. 
Still have some old habits in need of changing. 
I don't consider them a factor in this transformation, unless they hold me back from
what I'm chasing. 
A better me.

But their are so many imperfections in perfection.
Causes me to question how will I know if 
obtained that. 
I'll never truly know, so why not branch into 
another area of confusion. 
Then again that's all life is or seems to be. 
Lessons buried inside of mistakes that illusions 
causes us to crave. 
Maybe that's why there's a self achievement or humbling grieving at the end of every
Either way don't hold yourself back from your true potential. 
Just understand with every chapter of your life, is a story you have to live through. 

Foot Note:

The Collective is a conglomerate of poets, storytellers and singers that consists of 4 members. Many who have come to the shows or support our collaborative efforts, often do not know what to “Make” of such a group. So this would seem to be a perfect opportunity to explain the history behind this group and try to provide some clarity for those who are curious to know our ambitious agenda. 

There is nothing new under the Sun. I am sure there are artists somewhere who have unified like this, even though few come to mind. I cannot speak for other groups but our agenda is a complex form of simplicity. We are attempting to blur the lines between the spoken word, music & theater. Each show sets the bar higher for the next one & creatively, this team has found its stride. So much so it seems sinful not to share any writing from this group or its individual members on this blog. 

     Kat (Owner of Kat’s Cafe) told me that her spot (The coziest spot in all of Atlanta) was our home, and that we were always welcome to perform there. We were grateful and humbled by that. I would like to follow suit by featuring guest blogs written by my team on this  blog. From left to right the members are as follows. Byron Walter, Karee, Poet & myself. The details of how we’ve come to be are too long to write for a single blog. So we taped it…