Collective Member: Karee Shaw

I’m the “Icing” on HIS cake!

Fear you put in my heart, cutting me with words and images
I just didn’t fit in with trying to be the person you wanted me to be
I mean isn’t that love, sacrificing everything for us
And what was “Us”, we wasn’t even connected
We were just on the surface, nowhere deep intellectually
I was afflicted with Love that was a non-existence
I hoped, I waited, patiently wanting you to love me
Thinking about the what if’s, what if I just get this, what if I just do that, what if do this better,
What if I, what if, what if, what if
I was so in love with You…. I didn’t even know what was right
Losing sight, because I was ok with you lying and cheating
Satisfied with you giving me “What was left”- Doggie Bag- Check Please!
The cost of your efforts was cheap, but mines was expensive
My description reads…. A beautiful disaster caught in the whirlwind of a tornado and destroyed within
My reflection in the mirror was broken into pieces
If you picked me up I will cut deeply: Anger, Pride, Bitterness, Sorrow, Jealousy, Hurt, Depression, Loneliness etc..
Feelings of worthlessness
I was in love with you and you deceived me
You meant the world to me
And when I finally came to my senses, 
Hearing no longer impaired by your voice, sight cleared of your views,  I knew…..It was no longer you!
My focus was on him, He who’s seen me at my worst and believed I was the best
He who became poor so I could become rich, 
He who wanted my heart not my body
He who spoke truth, words of elegance that will enlighten you.
He said trust me and he’ll direct my path, giving me life abundantly
And it wasn’t “US” with him. (Defining “Us” Separately)
But it was you in I, Me in you. (One)
He was right there never forsaken me
Loving me faithfully; but he told me I had to choose
He said love me with your lips, but your heart is still with him.
Why you want Mr. Wrong, when you know what is right
Why go back, when you’ve seen the light?
In the midst of my triangle of unfaithfulness, he still loved me,
And he says “I’m fighting for you and I’m coming back with my deepest love
But you better be prepared; because I did everything for you to see I love you
Blood, Sweat & Tears
All because he wants a relationship with me
I said Forgive me, He said I already have
Just come back to Real Love again
Mr. Wrong……. The World! Holding me to expectations of what I should be and how should live.
My Good dude is Christ!  His power and his love speaks of true existence. The sun, the moon, the food on my plate, the breathe I take, the roof over my head.
I thank him….he is my source, my provider, my Father
And He says this one last thing to me, you are the last piece I needed on earth to make everything complete, you are the icing on the cake, so know your Self-Worth.
This Poet’s Pursuit of Pleasure is Passion in knowing who He Is:
The Icing on His Cake
Foot Note: What more can I say? Karee is one of the most sincere poets in the game. What you see is what you get and that is precisely why she is a member of this team. The next time we meet, “Poet” will add to the guest list, until then I’ll see you in-between the margins…