The Art of Saying No: The Memoirs of a Naive PoetI dedicate this book to all who seek knowledge and wisdom that will lead to a higher quality of life. You as an individual define “high quality” for yourself. For me, a high quality of life is a life with a sense of purpose, a feeling of usefulness and an overall existence where one experiences very little worry and even less fear. I salute all who have been to the mountain tops that the ego will carry you to. I also salute all who have hit rock bottom, having their egos shattered in the process. Effectively re-learning or gaining a new understanding of different concepts contrary to ones they may have already believed or been convinced of. I even after this publication am still learning, expanding and growing. I have no doubt that everyone who was drawn to this book or had the book find them, will do the exact same thing.

– LaMont Anthony Wright