That’s That Shit
Poets saying the same poem every time/
Looking at you funny when you spit some different lines/
He’s 30 speaking on being tired/
With 30 years to go before he’s retired/
Cats acting thirsty and out of order/
On a planet that’s mostly made up of water/
Emcees that can’t freestyle eating meals/
Emcees that can/ can’t get a record deal/
Promoter’s robbing artists like me and you/
Like fucking with passion is the thing to do/
2014/ race is still an issue/
She won’t call but will text/
“Hey Baby I miss you”
Religious leaders saying how the Earth will end/
When the bible says that won’t be known by any men/
When the Hell did sincerity get played out? /
When did being fake become the right route? /
Going on line to have an intimate discussion/
Face to face quiet/ nobody is saying nothing/
Cats with the most misery in a life/
Quick to grab an ear and give out advice/
The most selfies come from who isn’t cute/
Most talk when they really need to press mute/
Millionaires going broke and going berserk/
Meanwhile, single Mothers are making it work/
Decades after Jordan made the dark sexy/
My dark skin alone won’t make them respect me/
They say “work hard and you will prevail” /
Knowing the system is designed for you to fail/
Rich owners /wearing unassuming clothes/
Broke renters /flossing with a wrist froze/
Haters who act brave on the comment box/
Your Ex trying to act like she forgot/
When Karma throws an enemy a punch/
When I’ve gotta ask for my money more than once/
When you flip and say “fuck you” for good reason/
When your wife really wants you to stop breathing/
When you’re honest about who you really are/
When you’re on stage giving out verses and bars/
When they step out a line to grab your position/
When winning becomes a part of your tradition/
Your side chick /showing up with a baby/
Your Wife with a bat /looking at her crazy/
Your non-pussy getting friend telling lies/
About his Japanese girl with the hazel eyes/
Your man/ who ran away when the beef popped/
Off with even numbers and no gunshots/
How game recognizes other game in Vegas/
How rude women become twitter famous/
How dudes are softer than a cheese Danish/
Fresh out the oven/ huffing and puffing/
Blowing steam/ losing battles like it ain’t nothing/
And everybody knows that the kids fronting/
In contrast let’s say he becomes honest/
Then realizes honesty is what they wanted/
That point when you have an epiphany/
That point when Kane ripped the Symphony/
When the streets only know you by your tag name/
When a kid asks you to give em game/
That moment a chick says fall back/
You do/ and she isn’t really good with that/
That moment when you see the tables turned/
On someone who needed a lesson learned/
That moment you meet your favorite Rapper/
That moment you realize they’re just an actor/
And somehow it doesn’t even really matter/
Because your life is sweeter than cake batter/
With girls saying “Come over to my place”
Steady speeding like they really want to win a race/
That moment your foot makes the brakes bright/
When you tell her that you cannot spend the night/
That moment when the same girl throws curses/

Until she falls in love with some other verses/

“That’s That Shit” 
will be on the upcoming album… 
I would like to thank
for the inspiration…