Rhythm & Poetry August 24th

Dyvacat, & Graffiti Bleu host “Rhythm & Poetry” every Thursday night. Every Thursday there is an Open-Mic for authors, poets, musicians, emcees & vocalists. We have 2 features on the last Thursday of every month consisting of 1 poet & 1 musician/band. Come join us at Stellar Studios on 202 23rd st Sacramento 95816. We enter, sit, drink & have open discussions on a range of topics from 7:00pm – 8:00pm / The actual Showtime is from 8:00pm – 10:00pm. Rain or shine we start on-time. Open Mic Night! It is no secret that one of the keys to the success of Rhythm & Poetry has been its mixture of spoken word, performance poetry and musicians that have participated and shared their artistic expressions in the same space.. We will be hunting feverishly for more musicians and poets to maintain a good balance at this venue. So if you are a musician or poet, or a person who knows a musician or poet, come join us.

3 the hard way

3 The Hard Way

3 the hard way3 sides/ 3 angles/ + 1 dimension/ circumvention of closed doors/ is my intention/ not to mention/ one unified verse with 3 inflections/ warriors angels for your protection/ 3 voices registered as deadly weapons/ Inside skin we fit comfortably/ Balancing between the 3/ mind, body and spirit/ Boom, bap and lyric/ mic, stage and speaker/ crowd, host and feature/ 3 styles raises the chances that one will reach ya/ war with us? what you talking about?/ in this fight/ 3 jabs equals one knockout/

3 hustlers/ 3 builders/ 3 killers/

3 perspectives/ 3 healers/ if one keeps it real/ 3 are much realer/

3 The Hard Way/

Hope there's no hard feelings/


New York State of Mind...

ny-state-of-mindLocation, location, location…

New York City.

I grew up in this city.

I left this city because the world was spinning too fast at the time. Now I’ve come back to make it stop. Life can throw you into a storm; on what was seemingly a very sunny day. I have learned to adapt to sudden changes.

Ironically... in this very city. I’ve reached a point in my life where I am once again, looking for myself.

I came to NY for a video project, but the more I walked the streets of Queens, Harlem and Manhattan… (Simply didn’t have time for the Bronx or Long Island) the more I considered living here once again. California has been a good look for me for a loOong time.

Sunshine is not the only reason I live there, trust me. However there is a sincerity I miss from the North east that isn't common place in the west. The kind of transparency I have not found anywhere else. A “tell you up front” attitude that appeals to my truth seeking nature. Will I move back? Just be on some artist sh*t and be “about that life” full-time? Who knows... It would be difficult for anyone to get me out of my lovely Roseville apartment. #flyshit

I would move to Harlem or Brooklyn if I did though. I would expand the collective as well. (Not to mention the team would consist of cats I’ve known since High school. Or do I continue in California? Change the game and bring organization, east coast hustle and perspective to the Bay Area and beyond?

Only time will answer this one…

How can I make your ugly beautiful?

ugly-beautifulHow can I make your ugly beautiful? /

First I have to go to that ugly place/

put it in verse and give it perspective/

Raw dog no contraceptive/ only to give birth to a beautiful truth/

My beautiful truth to be exact/ since we are all aware of the fact/ that your truth and my truth are probably not be the same/

One ugly is promoters and poets/ so eager to blow up in the game/

That they lose sight of their artistic vision/ blinded by the flashing lights of fame/

Trying to be P Diddy/

But you wouldn’t do an internship/ or take a train ride into the city/

You see there’s even an art to being a gangster for the paper/

Unwilling to put the work in/ counterfeit becomes the caper/

Without having any integrity for the creating process/

Investing in nonsense/ short money/ talking fast and sounding funny/

These big dummies/

Some create awards for themselves that don’t exist/

Some claim to be on the best seller lists/

Trying to get love from the fans

Ugly like a missed dunk from a player trying to be flashy/

who could’ve won the game with an assist/

What part of the game is this? /

You’ve done lost your mind thinking art is disposable/

This is a lyrical lobotomy to see if you have any brains left to view/


It’s ugly in there too/ all I see are thoughts filled with a slave’s mentality/

Every time I tell you “we’re free” you turn around and get mad at me/

Metaphorically and systematically trying to make slaves out of the rest of us/

Filing the game with mistrust and disgust/

Lust/ led you here to this ugly place/

You aren’t lusting for hot bars tho/

You’re lusting for sold out shows without buying in to the concept of practice, practice practice/

And it’s really okay if you happen to lack this/ caliber of skill to spring forward so your time falls back quick/

What good is fame and being in it/ if it’s only for 15 minutes? /

Minute 16… shows no traces of your career/ and I find it hard not to stare/ because the ugly doesn’t stop there/

Ugly is everywhere/

It’s at the open-mics sitting in the captain’s chair/

Making the dope spitters wait/ while mediocre verses fill the air/

I can go on and on/ hurting your feelings like I don't have a care/

But I have a job to do/ and remember/ this piece of art must turn your ugly into something beautiful/

Besides there are many things uglier than you not paying artist or offering vendor tables at venues/

There’s that ugly that hides inside the bold bluffs of the fearful/

Steady fronting like they’re prepared to be reckless/ but really being overly careful/

Knowledge of self was left behind on this trip/ so they can’t see themselves in the rear-view/

I understand they do not know any better/

And that’s why I over-stand you/

The fear of love/

The fear of pain/

The fear of not being a success/

Can make you see what isn’t there/

And make you fold under the stress/

But you promoters that rip off artist are the kind that live fearful but maintain composure/

That's why I took it to the street and parked the metaphors parallel so that this poet could expose ya/

Breaking you down like the pies you should've sliced for my fam who's art is their profession/

Now that the team ate/ every crumb on the pie plate/ let’s get right back to the question/

How can I make your ugly beautiful? /

Testimony is a start/

I observe your wicked ways/

Then turn them into my art/


this is a performance piece...

Sacramento... Come to the show!