A tigress was born wild, deep within the den of a wolf. Abandoned mentally, physically and emotionally she lay defenseless without the armor love provides. Too young to defend herself, the wolf repeatedly tried to devour her spirit. Unknowingly making her stronger each time he tried and failed. The tigress escaped the den of the wolf with a cat-like cleverness and cunning stealth. Now the victim is the hunter and the culprit is the prey. She is thirsty for revenge and relentless in her pursuit of the power to execute it. Meet Simony Chiavary, a 5 foot 3 inch tall Brazilian spitfire, wild as the flowers that grow on the edges of paradise. Voyeuristically follow her journey from the incredible poverty of the Favelas; to the boss of bosses in the world’s oldest profession. This is no ordinary “come – up” tale. This is an intimate look inside the soul of a survivor. This is a tale of how the good becomes great, and how the great becomes legendary. This is a story that destroys the notion that males are supreme by right of birth. This is the struggle of every woman personified in poetic verse.

14 short stories.

Alternate Endings.

1 Bad Bitch.
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