Spiritual War

I started as a warrior in heaven before birth
Unaware of the battle between the spirits on Earth
Contrary to one another
Contrary to my own
The battle lines were drawn and the differences were shown
As I began striving for excellence, I made enemies content with mediocrity
Being diligent, I made enemies content with laziness
Looking for unity I made enemies working to divide
Finding joy I made enemies lost in misery…
Let me stop here for a moment for I am not a teacher, preacher or high paid speaker.
I’m just a story teller, telling you of when I was weaker, and how the game goes deeper
My personal war was first declared by a compliment
Which spoke on the rigid nature of my vertical spine
How I held my shoulders back and chin high by divine design
I didn’t know that compliments rooted in envy are declarations of war
Listen close, for the humble, this may cause some confusion
A compliment rooted in envy is a declaration of war
Imminent like evolution, life struggles and revolution
For example; “Must be nice”
Words like these leave a coward’s tongue for spite
A demon masquerading as an angel of light
The energy didn’t feel right
So I moved on
I felt the darkness
So I pressed on
I continued to walk with excellence deep inside the souls of my tattered shoes
Stumbling across the uneven bumps spread over mediocre floors.
As I refused to fall or lose I made enemies that resembled family members
Y’all don’t hear me, so I will repeat it clearly.
As I refused to fall or lose I made enemies that resembled family members
I never realized that I was like a dead man walking
Marked for simply for providing a spark
Marked for being courageous at heart
Marked for having the Lord’s conformation
To eyes who need bare witness to the Lord’s good grace
This grace just makes the devil more insistent
This grace just makes his legions more persistent
I found out the hard way, by minds that were narrow
One day I was shot with betrayel’s flaming arrow.
It entered my back and pierced my heart
I can still taste the poison of a bold face lie that remains in my bloodstream
It would have been easy for me to lie down and die
Asking over and over, “Oh why God, why?”
But as I tended my wounds and wrapped them in dressings
I looked around and realized that I still had my blessings
My spiritual armor became stronger and their hate lasted longer
Forgive them father, for they do not know what they do
I would be just like them if I held on to my anger
So to my enemies I say “I forgive you too”