Rape culture/
If it isn’t free they don’t want it/
Unless you flaunt your wealth in their face that is/
No matter how fake it is/ they feel rich by association/
Self-improvement is masturbation/for self-destruction/
In this case/ where your peers choose often not to look at your face/
People talk at you/ not to you/
Hey look at my lonely over here Mister/ Oops I forgot I don’t see you/
I have my face buried in my phone like an Ostrich does his head in the sand/
Even when I am driving to nowhere fast/
I have 1000 digital fake ass friends who like my cats and ignore the facts/
Hey look at my lonely again/
Support my negative and voyeur my positive with envy like it’s hard to achieve God’s grace you already own/
Lust, mistrust and disgust all lay behind the scenes of a filthy keyboard/filled with the lies we tell one another to hide the fact that we have lost our way…