queenThe Queen of hearts broken/


The Queen of humility not spoken/


The Queen of everything hot like steam/

The queen of broken dreams/

The Queen of a fear that makes lovers turn mean/


Does a Queen cause her King anger? /


Does a Queen turn a King who was her best friend into a stranger? /


Does a Queen refuse compromise with the backbone of her throne?

Does a Queen insist that she rule the kingdom on her own?

I am sure this Queen exists but tell me where does this Queen rule? /

Is the land she concurred glorious and is her King a fool? /

Queen of what?

Please tell me so that I can see if the people she rules have smiles on their faces/

Are her subjects loyal to her/ No matter what the case is? /

A beautiful Queen she is indeed/ inside and out/

And I don’t have a single doubt/

That a Queen is exactly what she is from the tip of her toes to the diamonds in her crown/

However when I decided to take the route/

Of seeing what being her King was really about/

I was asked to get on my knees and at first I was more than willing to bow down/

But she asked me to stay down/

And that I was only allowed to stand when she said it was okay for me to do so/

I told her I couldn’t rule in a position where I wasn’t on the ready/

On my feet/ side by side with her/ and that kneeling for long periods was for the petty/

Not to mention that I had to kneel for the previous Queen already/

And before you get beheaded they put you on your knees while they hold their sword steady/

So kneeling isn’t a good look for me/

So please tell me…

You are the Queen of what?

What land do you rule and do you ask me to kneel in jest?

I’m confused and not quite sure why you would make such a request/

My love for you is a right knee to the Earth/

Connecting me with the divine mother/

Forcing my ego to take a back seat to all things beautiful in your soul/

My respect for you is a left knee to the Earth/

I listen to your feminine perspective and hold a high regard for the wisdom you unfold/

Now that’s 2 knees/ anymore/ and I will be on all fours/

Like a good dog whining when he wants some affection/

Begging for spiritual food and attention/

Kept in the back yard for the house’s protection/

Unable to stop the mailman from sliding letters through the slot/

Or the tax man from getting his collection/

Queen of what?

Indeed you are a Queen/ just not the Queen of me/

Perhaps in another life/ one where there’s no insecurities/

A land where butterflies fly free/ as the summer breeze as do the flowers sway/ that they/ choose to land on/

A land where the Earth is free to spin/ yet steady enough for a King to stand on ~