What we need is protection from deception.
Yet we mock the wisdom forged by greater fires
Children prove their parents to be liars
Then wander in different directions
Ending up in darker places
Not quite sure about what faith is.
Or where on Earth their place is.
So they draw from their perceptions
On how to build protection from deception.
They would love to wield a mighty shield
But they simply do not have the steel
That is forged by rejection and correction.
With limited time in life’s game they play
With a immature substance soft as clay
No match for weapons of today
or yesterday
So they use the clay to change their complexions.
Hiding all their imperfections
Fighting lies with yet another
Until we soon discover
The Devil hides in the details of our reflections.
Funny how we become what we hate
Be mindful of what you use to create
Your very soul may be at stake
What we need is protection from deception.