In my relentless quest for balance, I have often found myself talking about “perspective” mostly and how someone’s perspective shapes their reality. However there are many layers to all things and “Balance” is no different. I have found that considering “Point of Reference” to also be one of the many key components to finding balance for all who seek it. Let us examine where we get our information for example. We have all established that major media outlets, for example, should not be trusted in essence because of their point of reference. We all know that the all major media outlets regardless of how they may “bicker” with one another are all owned by the same 1% of the people who control the majority of the world’s wealth. Yet for all intents and purposes, with this knowledge lodged in the back of our brains, we still are quick to anger when we come face to face with a narrative that doesn’t sit well with our soul. IE does America not care about Flint Michigan? Are the KKK still protesting in 2018 and coming out with huge numbers as a show of force? Does our government NOT hold its police accountable when those police have proven themselves to be corrupt and to NOT be in the public’s best interest? How do we forget that the narrative is being constructed from the point of view of the filthy rich? It is almost like watching a 3d movie. You are sitting in the theater, watching the show with your 3d glasses on, knowing that the computer generated carrot thrown by the CGI Bunny with the celebrity voice over isn’t really going to hit you. Shit, you even know it isn’t real. However, when that giant, orange carrot looks like it is inches away from your face, you can’t tell your motor skills not to duck or shut your eyes.

We will talk about this dynamic and more on the next Rhythm & Poetry