Hustler'z Code: Poet's Pursuit of Paradise, Book 3 by LaMont Anthony Wright

· A mission is to be defined and a leader must be identified, appointed and followed with an unmatched loyalty by the strong and honorable.
· The conglomerate recognizes all of its members as having equal power within the organization. However, an even distribution of power often delays progress. Thus the only display of a hierarchy within the conglomerate will begin and end with its appointed leader.
· Physics and economics must be equated into any movement in an acquisition of power. As well as the physics of economics, meaning; “It takes money to make money”
· No one man of bone and flesh is all knowing. Thus, a routine meeting of all conglomerate members is necessary for proper growth. Equal say in an open forum to all members promotes “Collective Wisdom”
· Conglomerate members must be proven students of the game in which they play. Students who are unwilling to learn from teachers are not loyal to those teachers or what they profess
·   All members will be held accountable for their actions inside and outside of the organization. No member is above accountability regardless of skill, seniority or earning potential.
·   There are tolerances for all decrees of the hustler codes except one; There is an order of NO TOLERANCE of any member “breaking rank” This is punishable by one of two ways to be decided by the leader of the organization. Membership privileges are to be stripped or the member will be put to death.
Breaking rank is defined as disrespecting the position of or defacing the character of any member of the organization.       
“Success is elusive to my brothers and sisters who organize to collect the paper that has slave owners printed on them. Their celebrated wigs and powdered faces are green for a reason. They are envious of your time because it is right now. Slow and steady is the race that will last for a lifetime. Stay on the path of what matters to your heart and these decrees will serve you well”
-Levi Sinkler
Grandmaster New York City Dragons ~