Episode 2 “Slow Motion”
     Naive Niesha what have you gotten yourself into this time? She asks herself as her mind races at the speed of teenage love. Trevor has been inside the gas station for only a minute but Niesha feels as if she’s waited for a lifetime. This independent woman does not want to meet her fate without a fight. A piece of her says stay still here in the car and let the chips fall where they may. Hell “It’s not like I haven’t shaken this ass for some cash before” she mumbles under her breath while still scanning the cluttered gas station window. But the fact that he tried to drug her doesn’t sit well in her diamond pierced belly. Even if she did play it cool and let him have his way with her, who’s to say she would score some cash from him? His Mercedes is smoking hot. But a man’s car tells the story of his debt more than his wealth. Besides, who’s to say he only wants sex? He is a great looking man with more game than rugby, so he might be into murder. Or maybe some other freaky shit if he pulled out the date rape drug before we even spoke good. “I pissed on a businessman’s face all night for $3000.00 once, but I needed paper and I was awake!” She looks at the lone woman in the Waffle House and decides it time to bounce. Not before she hits Trevor’s glove box though. Once again she looks through the window of the gas station that’s cluttered with 2 liter bottles of soda, motor oil and pictures of half naked women selling alcoholic beverages. She finally sees the back of Trevor’s head as he waits in line to pay with one person in front of him. There’s not much time. She tries to open his glove box but it’s locked. “shit” She says to herself as she reaches up to turn the dome light off in the car so it wont light up when she opens the door. 
     As she does she peeks again through the cluttered window and Trevor turns around and looks directly in her direction. 
(She freezes as she suddenly feels the urge to wet herself, for she is not leaning against the passenger side glass like she was when he left) The one person that was in front of him is gone and now Trevor is next in line. Niesha feels that she should run but she knows she can’t. The little drug she received from the little sip she took has her moving in slow motion. Trevor turns back around to face the attendant and she realizes the smoke black tint of this Benz is too thick for him to see through! She must hurry. She looks in the center console for the key to the glove box but finds Trevor’s iphone instead. She opens the door and stumbles out of the car almost falling flat on her face. She doesn’t bother closing the car door.
     She never looks back. She puts one high heeled shoe in front of the other. The tapping noise of her heels hitting the asphalt of the parking lot makes the two fellas in the car in front of Trevor’s take notice of her making a break for it. Her legs feel like they don’t belong to her. Her body feels like she’s run a marathon and her head now feels like it has an Axe down the middle of it. A very ungraceful Niesha enters the empty Waffle House and collapses on the floor. The lone woman rushes from behind the counter to help just as Trevor exits the gas station to look at his open passenger door. “Sugar are you OK???” She says to the fallen princess. “No!” Niesha says with an obvious attitude but then she falls back because she knows she’s in a jam. “He’s trying to rape me!” Niesha says to the older woman who reminds her of her auntie Gloria. “Where is he now?” Niesha says while sitting up slightly by leaning on her elbows against the cold oily tiles of the floor. The lone woman peeked her head above the level of the windows and sees an irate Trevor talking to the men in the car in front of the Mercedes. “Sugar, is your boyfriend the Jamaican looking fella with the nice car?” That’s him! What is he doing?!? Niesha says eagerly while turning over to face the floor on her hands and knees. Some other fellas are pointing this way Sugar, looks like he’s coming up here. (Fuck) Niesha looks left and then right in a panic before noticing the bathrooms down the long hallway behind her. She asks the lone woman “Please don’t tell him I’m here and please don’t call the police” She stays on all fours as she crawls her way to the ladies bathroom. As she passes the men’s room she hears the toilet flushing. WTF??? She hits the ladies room and pulls the cheap latch on the cheap lock of the cheap door.
     (At least the bathroom is clean) She checks her pockets frantically for her cell phone but she can only find the iphone she snatched for Trevor’s car and wonders what use she can make of it. (Dammit) Technology has her so spoiled; she can’t remember any number that was plugged into her phone. All she did was use voice recognition anyway. She hears some commotion going on outside in the distance but obviously inside of the store. Now she waits…