Photo Session

Innocent as a new-born, yet guilty as sin.
In a flash your curves are seared into memory.
Camera stands voyeuristic between you and me.
“Click “Click”
Damn it’s hot in this spot.
Self esteem making your bare skin shy.
We spark, giggle and then blaze a lot.
Modesty gone, body art fills the eye.
“Click” “Click” “Click”
Your loveliness caged within every frame.
Two bodies twisting, posing and exposing.
Is our French kiss with flame to blame?
I accuse your curves, I say “Freeze”  you then remain frozen.
“Click” “Click”
I play maestro to your hips flow,
Making hearts melt soft and love stiff.
Moonlit reflections are captured at their crescendo.
Both feeling honored as we share these gifts.