People lie for a number of reasons. Some lie to protect a secret, others lie to cover up lies they’ve already told. Some lie so they won’t hurt your feelings. Some lie to you so that they can make you feel the pain that they themselves feel. Some lie for sport, doing so with a grin they don’t realize they have. Marveling at the fiction they’ve created and the confusion it brings. Some lie because they feel threatened. Some lie to keep the peace. Some lie because they live a fearful life/ Luckily for us God loves us all the same/ She gave us all a heightened sense to sniff out frauds especially when we know where the smell is coming from.


People Lie, Actions & Energy Don’t

     This is not an indictment of anyone’s way of conducting life. So should the reader be prepared to lie for no damn reason within 48 of reading this (Who am I to judge that really?) Moving forward. Since the planet is filled with so many of us who tell tall tales, let us cut this motherfucker to the white me. What are their actions and what is their energy? Since there are those who can sit across the table from you, look you square in the eye and feed you bull with a straight face. It is always a good idea to compare what is being said to what is being done. It would pay to be calm when you compare, so that negative emotion isn’t the lens you’re looking through when you’re making your assessment. After that it’s really not hard to tell.

I’m just saying.

     People can’t fake how they feel. They can fake how they act however. No problem. Just like the words had to match the actions in my previous example.  Just know in this one that the vibration should match the presentation. Meaning, if someone says “They only mean the best for you” Then it should feel like that. If you feel their words are filled with malice or contempt, you may be right. Provided we are not wrapped up in our own emotions when it happens, or being overly worried or fearful, our initial gut feeling rarely gets it wrong. Stay calm and walk light.


  • G.B.